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Pandemic causing changes in pet dog behavior, survey shows


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Mine does notice a thing.... he's still the boss, and he knows it!

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Admittedly, a pet owner but is this an issue of great, “National” importance today? And, of course, leading to the standard questions if the survey had a sufficient sampling to accurately depict the ideas of a population of over 125 million people.

“The online survey conducted in Mar by the website Inunavi garnered responses from 694 people who own dogs ranging in age from puppies to 18 years old.” -

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Like may “homemakers” and their children, pets are wondering:

What the hell are ‘You” doing home, ALL day now?

“In response about behavioral changes, 254 answered their dogs now demand constant attention, followed by 98 who said the dogs now follow them around...” -

and “Get the hell out of here so I can go back to sleep.

“while 65 answered their dogs bark more than before.” -

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Maybe Maria Takahashi's 'Poodle Exercieses' was ahead of its time.


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Mine does notice a thing..he’s still the boss, and knows it

Dogs are pack animals that instinctively look for a leader, and if their humans don’t provide that leadership, then the dogs get confused and lose respect, especially if their bad behaviors are “rewarded” with endless treats and affection. “Humans are the only species who follow unstable leaders,” said Cesar Millán. Dogs live in a way that’s natural, simple and profound. If your energy is not aligned — if you live in chaos and are not calm — they will not follow you. They’ll learn to live with it, but that doesn’t mean they’re OK.”

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And new research coming out of Europe shows that the virus has caused positive changes in the structural integrity of urban concrete as foot traffic had decreased due to hard lockdowns. Meanwhile in Tokyo the structure has continued to weaken as foot traffic has remained the same or slightly increased over the past year.

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Interesting research @Tora “coming out of Europe” about ‘urban concrete’. Two questions:

How did you extrapolate data about Tokyo’s urban degradation from that?

Second, what does any of that have to do with the pandemic affecting pet behavior?

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My dog is loving the attention. People can only go out walking as everything is closed and they are scared of close human contact. when they meet my dog they are so happy.

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Strange article that only provokes more questions. Owners are reporting more needy behavior in their pets, but couldn't that be simply because they're home more often to witness the "neediness?"

Let's just be honest, dogs (and also cats to an extent) are social animals and leaving one alone at home all day while you're at work, day after day, isn't fun for them. If they're becoming more interactive now that their humans are around more to spend time with them, I can't understand how that could be a bad thing.

Sounds like some of the survey respondents are projecting their own pandemic stress onto their dogs.

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Even urban wildlife has noticed, here in the US, coyote and bobcat are foraging in increased numbers, and crows are becoming almost as aggressive as their Japanese cousins.

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65 answered their dogs bark more than before.

if the 'owner' is at work, does a dog's bark make any sound?

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In my case it the home pet became more irritable the first couple of months and then the new routine settled without any big problem, age may also have something to do with it.

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The bigger problem is just not even mentioned. The pets get the viruses from you and later give it also back to you. If multiplied or not, the whole process of unintentional infecting each other or only keeping the virus load inside in those living and moving ‘reservoirs’ prolongs over a much greater time span, like a pendulum. Of course you love your pets and therefore don’t want to hear it and strictly disagree, that’s surely an understandable reaction, but considering the corona pandemic, all your so lovely and very cute pets are the biggest mess you can ever imagine. Promise, that you vaccinate them too, ok? Otherwise that disaster will never end, that’s hopefully clear, although still nobody really talks about it.

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Walk a dog for an hour every day or twice a day for 30 mins, both will benefit good things, pandemic won't change their behavior. Just a happy dog.

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