Panel releases report stating it will take 30 years to safely close Fukushima plant


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Yesterday I heard this news, with my 7 year old boy and he asked me if I would still be around in 30 years, I just told I hope so, but I hope what we now know as Tokyo Electric is long, long gone!! Stupid horrible TEPCO!!

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by the time it's totally over, you will be gone and you little boy will be 77 years. The nuclear waste from Fukushima will need a little longer than that, about 10,000 years.

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When asked why it would take so long, they replied "It's due to all the long drawn out meetings we'll be having were nothing ever gets decided"...

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It is difficult to foresee and comprehend such a long time. For the decommissioning of the plant to take so long is a sign that the melted cores are not within reach. We should expect the spread of radiation to continue to spread to all parts of Japan .

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It's ok. TEPCO has said that everything will be fine by the end of the year. Don't you worry about these reports and findings.


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I read Long Island is still being decomissioned.

And that went off the rails in 1979.

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In Japan the figure of 10-20 years is often mentioned as a time frame for decommissioning under normal circumstances. The real decommissioning time may however be much longer, even for a 'healthy' NPP.

The NDA of UK works with a 50 year time frame for the decommission of a single plant.

30 years for a disaster plant like Fukushima, is most likely wishful thinking.

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The current estimated cost for the nuclear disaster is about ¥20 trillion.

But remember my words, if you live long enough, the final cost will be ¥1 to ¥1.5 trillion per year (x70)?

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Some nuclear specialists estimated in April that it might take 40 to 50 years to fully decommission the Fukushima plant. The new estimation from this Japanese panel is now more in line with these estimations (TEPCO was initially talking about a 10 to 20 years time frame).

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so the cost will be at least ¥40 trillion?

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I see on the news that they cannot rule out (to quote Tepco) the possibility that nuclear fission has been occurring in Reactor No 2.

They detected what seems to be Xenon gas.

They have started pouring water and boron into this reactor.

Step by step we get to Rome, I suppose.

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