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Paper cranes by A-bomb victim Sasaki eyed for UNESCO heritage list


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Twelve year young Sadako Sasaski is a hero. The Paper Craines she folded are sacred and should be stored and viewed in a museum. Sadako has a major role to play in the destruction of all nuclear weapons on planet Earth and the eternal banning of the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Sadako is a hero whose memory will always live in the hearts of all inhabitants in Japan and in the world.

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Photo please.

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Good !!..

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Even though I oft complain that Japan wants everything in the nation, AND the nation, to be declared UNESCO heritage sights/properties, and then turn around and complain about the UN when things like Nanjing documents or comfort women-related things are declared as UNESCO heritage properties, this is one thing I can truly agree deserves the status for sure.

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Totally agree, smith. The neediness of the constant efforts to get bits of Japan registered is a major turnoff, despite the fact that there are so many cultural treasures here. As there are in so many other places.

But yes, remembering things that should never be forgotten and can teach us, is actually a meaningful case of registering.

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