Paralympian, nurse, musician: Manami Ito, Japan's show-stealing violinist

By Etienne BALMER and Harumi OZAWA

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Wish I could have seen that. She sounds like a wonderful person.

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Fantastic story!

What a champ!

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It must have been a terrible accident, for her to have been disfigured like that. I am touched by that kind of fortitude.

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A very uplifting story for sure. She is a true champion whether she ever won a medal or not. She reminds me of this guy who was born with no arms but he played acoustic guitar with his feet (it was lat on the floor). And during the mid 80s the drummer for Def Leppard lost his left arm in a freak car accident. He nows plays a custon designed electric drum kit that can be played with one hand (and it has several foot effect pedals too). i've seen that both times I've seen Def Leppard.

And Manami Ito is another champ as well!

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The next time I complain about how depressed I feel, I'll slap myself, and read the article again.

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Watching these awesome people Make me feel such a twot for complaining about the Summer heat.

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"When my daughter gets older, there will be a day when her friends tell her that her mum looks strange. I want to hear her saying this is her mother, and that what is normal can be different for each person and each family" - Manami Ito.

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She sounds amazing!

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