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Parents of NHK reporter who died of overwork call for labor reform


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Sadly this kind of story is still going to be repeated for quite some time...

Labor reform...? I'd love to see it but Abe-san's attempt with him calling a 100 hour cap "historic".

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Sorry for her lost but labor reform, heard that before and nothing hardly done here.

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Will anything ever change?

Those running Japan have pulled a great trick whereby workers do overtime out of a misplaced sense of duty, never realising that what they are actually doing is making someone else rich through their unpaid labour.

There is no incentive to change - those who have the levers of power have most to gain from the status quo.

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Labor reforms won't work. Instead hit them with a lawsuit for millions of dollars. NHK and the government will refuse and then you can shame both of the internationally. This case is getting attention around the world and with the 2020 Olympics approaching you have a golden opportunity to really change things.

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I would call for more compensation if I were them.

Reforms will never happen.

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No offense, but if death is necessary for people to push for changes, then I fear nothing will ever change. If she had told anyone about her working hours they would have simply said "taihen da ne" and moved on.

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I agree that reforms will never happen.

IMHO the only reason Japan has not (yet) become a banana republic is because most 'J businesses' get's away with over working and exploiting it's staff. Most 'J businesses' that I have worked at / been inside are riddled with inefficiencies, poor supervision and inept staff training. What they lack in productivity due to institutionalized ineptness they try to make up with ridiculous working hours.

Cut those hours to a normal level and most 'J businesses' will implode. This is not an insult either, we all know this to be true. Businesses know this and the government knows this. Hence reforms will never happen because reforms would expose the truth about most 'J businesses'...

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Live to work, or work to live. 159 hours overtime in a month should be unheard of. Yet this what I am reading. The Government is to blame, for not passing employee protection or whistleblower laws even a 100 hours overtime a month should be considered illegal. Less staff with longer hours is not the name of the game wake up J Govt you are responsible.

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It’s a good effort from their side, to be honest. Although they may know how much change it will bring about. As parents, im sure they badly wish they’d seen the signs. Or If they did, had followed up on those. They needn’t be guilty but they can’t help.

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If you're economic system and social mores are doing this to your most precious treasure, your young people, then it's a sign you're doing something wrong. Wake up Japan!

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Feel sorry for the parents.

It's obvious their countrymen don't care about their loss any more than just paying lip-service.

Watch all this fall on deaf ears. And watch everyone continue to pretend there is no problem...

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Agree with all of the above posters. Nothing will ever change.

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