Part of Tokyo's busy Yamanote line suspended for 2 days for track switching work


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No big inconvenience on the weekend. 1 of  540,000 yet still feels like 865,000 people “in prepandemic conditions” on a busy workday.

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Well, this will surely make a big difference for the Gaijin Halloween run.

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Two days for a two week job. Impressive.

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@Snow: We gave you the thumbs up. We rarely click on those but feel for you dealing with those huge numbers of commuters. Is it really that rough? Are people quiet and polite?

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As always, an impressive feat of engineering and logistics coordination.

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In others words this section will be closed until further notices,Hoofers,the Odei Line run a circle around Tokyo from Shinjuku to Roppongi Google Tokyo Odei Line

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@Yrral, I think you mean Oedo line. There is no Odei line in Tokyo.

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@Yrall. No, it's not closed until further notice. Back up and running Monday Morning. Amazing engineering in a little over 48 hours.

Also, the Oedo line is not a perfect loop as as such and branches out west a little. Most here don't need to Google it Yrall as we actually live here.

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Congratulations!” on a job “Well Done!” by ALL involved, resulting in a seamless commute today.

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THIS is the kind of well-choreographed, expeditious & efficient work at much-need reparations to infrastructure the rest of the world envisions as “JAPAN!”. - (Wish their response to other events in the recent years had been handled in the same manner.) - The World is Watching, Japan.

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I'm glad I no longer take the train to work.

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