Parties go online as coronavirus forces people to stay at home


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As this is basically expected to continue for at least a year, I think most pubs and such will basically close for good.

Perhaps the big chains will survive, but not the local mom and pop places.

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"Japandemic Co, a brewery in Matsuyama". Japandemic is the name of the brewery...

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Chinese communists must LIE to exist. Now we know the virus escaped from the bio-weapons lab. Not by accident but maybe by incompetence. Lying Chinese communist party, CCP, told the world it was not dangerous or passing person to person. They lied about the numbers of infected and dead. Now their lies are obvious and lying CCP wants to adjust the ridiculously low numbers up to save the face they lost. How do you know when the CCP is lying? When their lips are moving.

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Online drinking? Online Parties? Tsss...What is that?

This can never ever replace a relaxing and fun evening with your friends and staff at an Izakaya.

Especially like like "Burning Bush" mentioned, the Mom and Pops Izakayas.

As soon as the world is back to normal, I hope that everyone will go back to their favorite Izakayas, support them, and have a nice time together.

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Most of the older mom and pop places own their shops and do not rent. They will be fine.

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