2 Peach plane tires blow out after landing in Fukuoka


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So may be that wasn't such a peach of a landing :)

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POP POP tssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Misleading title, the tired went flat not "blew out"

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A blow out as any racing car driver knows leaves the vehicle careening out of control. This incident was two flat tires. No big deal.

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Stay safe out there. Need to keep everyone safe. Thus the need for inspections.

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"Peach plane blows 2 tires...." reads immensely better.

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Thus the need for inspections.

Yeah well....

According to Peach Aviation, it found no abnormality to the tires when the aircraft was checked before leaving Kansai airport.

You can inspect all you want, but things like this are going to happen. Fortunately the skill and training of the pilot helped avert what could have been a disaster.

THAT is the greater need, training, practice, and experience, because no amount of inspections can 100% prevent incidents from occurring.

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I don't fly very often, but when I do I like a window seat near the back of the plane. So I am able to watch the lowered wheels on the wing as they touch the runway during landings. On two occasions I saw the rubber outer surface of tires separate showing the metal underneath shining through. Then when the aircraft came to a stop the rubber came together so the tear in the tread was no longer visible to the inspection crew. I reported the first incident to the airline who told me the plane had taken off again and they would have the tire repaired at the next destination. The second incident was with a different airline and I told the stewardess who was seeing us off the plane. She thanked me and said she would report it immediately to the crew. I think everybody should pay attention and report defective equipment to help keep airplanes safe.

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My automatic reaction and question is...

Cheap airline? Do they also use cheap tires or cheaper procedures?

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Why didn’t they tow the plane off the runway instead of stopping all flights and stranding many people?

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If it had been a blowout on take off it could been firestorm on the plane with maybe a success emergency landing at best and complete plane destruction at worst. Don't take this lightly.

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Why didn’t they tow the plane off the runway instead of stopping all flights and stranding many people?

Number one, safety concerns. First off, there is no immediate way to know why the tires blew. Was it from debris on the runway? Something with the plane?

It's not like they could just hook the plane to a tow truck and wheel it out of there and everything go back to business as usual in 5 minutes. Considering that it was only shut for a little over 2 hours says a lot of people busted their butts to get things back to normal as soon as they could. That too is training and experience at work there.

That airport is one of the busiest in Japan, and again I think people would rather be inconvenienced than dead!

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Worrying event. Several recalls of top Japanese makers, discovery of false quality inspection reports. Japan was always an example, leader in quality, need to review current practices. Kaizen. Now.

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Safety comes first .... :
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Although it's a troubling event, at least they haven't crashed or had any fatalities... I guess their insurance cost will now be revised, and either this means the Airline becomes less profitable, or those extra charges are passed onto the customers, and they seem less attractive in terms of price.

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