Pearl Harbor ceremony marks bombing anniversary


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What are they wearing on their head?

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They are white brimmed caps made specially for Pearl Harbor survivors by the Pearl Harbor Survivor Association.

My father was Navy my brother Air Force, 1 Uncle Navy, the other Marine, they talked about many different uniform and cap designations


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The December 8, 1942 Pearl Harbor Attack by Imperial Japan's Combined Pacific Fleet may have been a surprise attack to most Americans, but in Japan many suspect and believe that then U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew the attack was imminent and let it happen anyway to unite the nation to go to war.

Just six months after the Pearl Harbor attack, the same Japanese naval forces planned to take over Midway Island but this time the U.S. side knew every detail about Japan's plans beforehand by breaking Japanese codes and launched a preempted ambush attack of its own on the Japanese fleet, sinking four aircraft carriers. Japanese fighter planes on these carriers were sitting ducks for the attacks because they didn't have time to reload torpedoes for the heavy bombs that were to be dropped on land targets.

So it's unimaginable for U.S. military code-breakers with such advanced code-breaking technics to have missed the approaching Japanese naval forces to attack Pearl Harbor.

The footing of President Roosevelt on a film after he announced on the radio the declaration of war against Japan shows a man very relaxed and even grinning as if things were going on according to his calculation.

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So they set the bait and waited for the bloodthirsty imperial army to bite.

I thought it was interesting Skappa TV was playing Hotaru no Hakka on Pearl Harbor Day. I sat in my family's living room feeling like I killed Setsuko. All while America remembered the day Japan invited us into participating in WW2 .

War sucks. Nationalism, militarism and culturalism also suck in my opinion.

I can't wait for the day when we are all so intermingled that political boundaries just won't work anymore

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Pearl Harbor Day memorial was only televised on one channel (we have about 500 free channels in our area). PBS had Presley and Hawaii special and that was many hours of Presley stage music show and nothing about Pearl harbor memorial) News hours only mentioned with one liner, Just busy to report local murders and China story,

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