Pearl Harbor mural canceled over concerns about headline


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A wise idea.

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i think the mural headline shouldnt change. this is terminology from the time of the attacks, not to mention historical evidence. keep it, japan has no grounds for complaint in this issue.

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@Gaijin Playa: I'd generally agree, but consider other racist slurs from history and whether they are appropriate or not. A mural depicting historical but currently inappropriate brand names comes to mind. (See Darkie Toothpaste, sold in Asia)

...or a headline using the word Pigs for police, or cracker for whites.

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What weaklings, the political correct is yesterday's news..Japs is not derogatory...Obama, and the Clinton era are long gone...the right thing to do is for them to continue as was originally planned.

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@gaijin: How come you are telling as if Japan ii's complaining?

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A dumb idea from the start, but to retreat because of potential PC bullying is illustrative of a societies resolve and moral character. After so many years, is any pictorial representation of an attack on a lady named Pearl Harbor really needed?

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Its nice to see politicians acting this way

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this is terminology from the time of the attacks, not to mention historical evidence

That's true, and it shouldn't be removed from historical records. But to display it in such a public way in these times is out of order.

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In fact, the time was 2:22 p.m., but the newspaper’s typesetting machine had run out of the number two in the correct size, according to a Sun account of that day. Instead, they fudged the time

A minute that will live in infamy

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