Peruvian family files lawsuit against deportation order


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It's heartbreaking for the children, who have nothing to do with breaking any law, but those who decide to break the law and try to live in a place illegally should know that they live on borrowed time. The same thing is happening in the US all the time. The children are allowed to stay, but the parents are deported. I'm torn as to what to say. But legally the mother has no recourse.

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"According to the suit, Moreno entered Japan in 1994 and her 60-year-old Peruvian husband in 1991, both with fake passports bearing other persons' names. Although their children were born in Japan, all the family members were ordered to leave Japan after the father was arrested in 2011 for illegally staying in the country."

The first thing they in in Japan was lie about who they were. This day was always coming. The parents caused this. Their children get to experience Peru.

Illegal immigrants should be deported.

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See what the Cordero's have done! I wonder what kind of humanity are they speaking of when parents are deported and the children are allowed to stay while presumably receiving welfare from the govt. Just unfair knowing that my son who's now 26 and is a half haven't received even a single child allowance. Enough with the drama!!

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what the hell???

those two kids are Japanese by birth, they were not born in Peru, until the world stop the Japanese government getting away with everything do this will never change, this is the 21 century not the EDO, I left Japan and took my kids kids with me before i did something i regretted to my kids teachers and the principal, here I just do to the Japanese what they do to foreigners in Japan, treat then like what they really are.

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Sorry, Japan only grants citizenship to children of Japanese citizens, thus no benefits/leniency to the whole family.

This is NOT the USA, etc.

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The_TrueToday 07:36 am JST

what the hell???

those two kids are Japanese by birth, they were not born in Peru, until the world stop the Japanese government getting away with everything do this will never change, this is the 21 century

I take it from your response that you are not aware that Japan does not grant citizenship based on location of birth, called Jus Soli, or Citizenship Birthright. In fact most countries on this planet now in the 21st century don't. Only about 30 countries follow this practice and due to what some call abuse of this system it is a major debate in the United States. True it is unfair to the kids, but their parents laid the groundwork for this happen by entering Japan illegally.

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It's hard to see how people (including their children) should somehow be rewarded for managing to get away with a crime for over 20 years. In fact, the crime of entering Japan on fake passports with fake names was just the beginning of the crime. Every day after that they were living in Japan illegally. Sad as it is for the children, the family should be deported. For those who sympathize with such cases, how long do illegal immigrants have to be living in Japan before you start sympathizing with them? One week, one month, one year, 5 years, 10 years or more?

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The parents entered illegally and got away with it for a long time. They will need to go back to Peru along with their kids. Which is sad for the kids who did nothing wrong, but at least they will have the opportunity to reconnect with the culture of their parents and can learn Spanish. Someone who speaks Spanish and Japanese will have some job opportunities later in life after they graduate.

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This actually happened to me when I was 14 over in the USA. Me and my mom left Japan when I was just 4. Therefore, when I came back to Japan at the age 14 (due to the fact that my mom got deported) I barely had any knowledge of Japan and the writing/reading system. One thing I can say was really hard for me, really hard. My family didn't even have any money for me to go to a international school.

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They entered illegally and fraudulently. They all need to go back.

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Just unfair knowing that my son who's now 26 and is a half haven't received even a single child allowance.

not sure what your case was but as far as i know everyone gets child allowance as long as you are a resident of Japan regardless of your citizenship.

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The Peruvians need to leave.

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Well, we all know that the mother will be deported. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the government gives her the option to let the kids stay. They also made such a proposal regarding the past case with a Thai kid and he ultimately returned to Thailand with his mother.

@Yusuke Ohkawa, sorry about your tough experience. I am sure it has made you a more compassionate person.

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Deportation is a fatalistic warning to anybody who stay in another country illegally (e.g. false passport disclosed) and very difficult to return for the criminality. However the children can stay if they have a good support on Law Association (Bengoshikai).

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Isn't forging a passport a felony? If so, deportation sounds much better than prison time. Also, a lot of unanswered questions, Did the kids have passports? If so, how did they get them? If not, how did they get registered to go to school? How about health insurance? How were medical expenses paid? Pension? Taxes? Renting a home? How did they manage to raised two kids and live under the radar? Did they have Foreigner Registration Cards? After all the visits to the ward office and Immigration office to update documents, how was it missed?

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this is a difficult case. if they came illegally they should be deported. did they pay tax. local tax? did they belong to an underworld?

but the children are a different case. if they are integrated, they have a better chance of life here than in Peru.

parents byebye, kids should stay.

i was deported from japan before and lost everything, but never did anything illegal. they should interrogate the parents and find out how they survived.

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So they came illegally on fake passports, knew this day will come and now trying to use kids as a stay card?

Give her the choice to legally give up the children ,since she is definitely not a role model for em in the first place and if not send em all back.

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One thing that always comes to mind in these cases is why didn't the parents teach the kids their own language, just in case? I do realize that's easier said than done, especially for poor working people but it just seems so irresponsible and uncaring for the parents to not do at least that for their kids. Maybe they live in a fantasy that they will never be caught or just avoid reality because they know the consequences will be so dire?

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@Futaro, I was married to a Japanese. though I gave birth to my son in my home country, the Phils, my son is a Japanese passport holder. It just hurts knowing that the young Cordero and the Peruvian children could be enjoying what my son didn't enjoy being a legal Jcitizen. I wasn't even aware if child allowance is already implemented during the younger yrs of my son. Iam not aware of it until I work in a factory with several compatriots who talked about it.

@goodluck, that is definitely my point. Illegal residents who are able to get legal status thru "drama" or by marrying a local get away with not paying their share of local, income taxes for the time they were illegals. Of course nobody would believe that they weren't working during those times. The Jgovt and the whole Jpeople are really kind to the point of being abused. And what about those fake Jdescendants who are paying for their visas. The money earn by their cohorts is tax free. While the poor me whenever out of work the City Hall staff would call at most inopportuned time, send prodding letters and knock at your door just to say pay up. Life is such a b......h!!!!!

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The father came to Japan in 1991 thanks to the japanese policy welcoming japanese descendents (thousands of japanese people came to Peru in the 19th century without any restriction) to work in factories doing jobs that many of you have never done. Of course some people took advantage of this policy and entered the country illegally. However, they still worked hard to support their families in Japan and Peru. Moreover even now factories continue hiring illegals because nobody wants to do those jobs. As for the financial support for kids, try to raise your children with 10000 yen per month.

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The children are innocent parties in all this. They should be able to stay.

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Imo 'claiming that deportation to Peru would harm the growth of the children, who were born and raised in Japan, they said' is the wrong approach.

I am seeing (could be wrong) a sense of entitlement here, a "I deserve this" rather than "please, what can I do to fix this, I know I was wrong'. As illegal immigrants they should/can not feel entitled nor bear a grudge against Japan. Ask if there is something you can do to make things right i.e pay a fine, say how sorry you are, what made you do this, show how you have contributed to J society and what else you can/will do if you're allowed to stay here. But emotional blackmail is NOT the way to do it. 

Again, am not against legalizing illegal immigrants. It's not a right though.

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Never ever forgive for one's crime, which using fake passport is.

Doing so would result in massive unlawful immigration with time jsing this trick.

By the way, Peru is no wrong country whefe to live.

In that case, even children should be deported. This against my personal wish though.

Dura lex sed lex. (Latin)

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Outcome might be kids are allowed to stay (assuming there is a legal family member in Japan). Which has happened before.

Assuming there isn't a legal family member in Japan then all will be deported.

Doing the math correctly, he was into his 70s before having kids, amazing, unfortunately they entered the country illegally, must of been during the early 90s when many Peruvians were coming into Japan.

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You guys remember the same type of story that happened a year or 2 back? I believe it was a Thai girl in her graduating year of high school. Her mother had already been sent back I believe and they were trying to send her back too but she was appealing to stay. Whatever happened with her?

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Doing the math correctly, he was into his 70s before having kids, amazing

I think a 'now' is implied/missing between her & 60 "Moreno entered Japan in 1994 and her 60-year-old Peruvian husband in 1991" i.e both are now 51yo and 60yo respectively and have 14&15yo kids. 

Otherwise would like to think the journo would have written "and her then 60yo". Could be wrong though.

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Good LUCK with THAT Spongebob. You could get away with that in America, but not in Japan. Start packing your bags.

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@WA4TKG: Good LUCK with THAT Spongebob. You could get away with that in America, but not in Japan. Start packing your bags.

Actually I understand a lot of immigrants to Japan are getting away with it,,, until they get caught. The difference is that in the US there are legal allies that will try to help the illegal immigrant stay in many cases, and a long history of immigration. Japan has neither.

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I mentioned: However the children can stay if they have a good support on Law Association (Bengoshikai) is best way to find resolution in law cases, much more than any other association.

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@Alexandre T. Ishii: I think that letting the children stay if they have a guardian is a decent and compassionate response under the circumstances.

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Better be deported to Peru together.

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For @Reckless and @Toshiko: Law Association in Japan know many ways under any circumstances, much better leave to them make resolutions, if they could be in action. It doesn't work like going to church in western countries there will be any support that become hope or miracle. If the children wil be deported with the family they don't understand enough Spanish and deported once will be the most difficult case to they come back to the country of birth, once punished.

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I feel that the mother should be offered the choice of either (a) be deported herself and let her children live in Japan, or (b) have all of them deported back to Peru together. Letting all of them live in Japan on the pretense of having committed a crime would set a bad precedent. It would be so unfair to all of us foreigners who did enter Japan legally. I also wouldn't want to know that my hard-earned money is going to help these criminals.

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They should be given one year to arrange for accommodation in Peru. That said, they've had enough time to do so already, and knew this day was coming. Since the father has already been deported, he may in fact, already have a place to live. That is, unless he hasn't really returned to Peru...

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