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Pikachu parade held in Yokohama


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I think its summer holiday time for kids in Japan.

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Thanks to new app "Pokemon GO" in the world, Pokemon had revival recently and it will be more and more popular in market.

Nowadays, we can use everywhere not only U.S.A but also Japan, HK, Philippines and so on.

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This event obviously has nothing to do with Pokemon Go, it is in its third year already and has been popular in each of those years. I find it hard to believe that anyone would go thinking it was linked with Pokemon GO. The event doesn't need the cross-promotion at all (and if anything GO players would probably pay less attention to the pikachus in front of them).

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DiscoJ: True on all counts, but there is no denying that Pokemon Go probably DID increase attendance despite them not needing it, and as indicated by the article some people did in fact travel in the hopes of finding rare pokemon (makes you scratch your head, really).

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The city shouldn't allow parades based on commercial venues. But I just realized somewhere in a closet I have a Pickachu soft toy that takes batteries and wiggles it's ears while it talks to you in some mysterious eastern language...

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Pokemon is a reelection of Asian capitalist social mores.

The capitalist ethos of acquisition is prevalent but tempered by there being a finite set of Pokemon able to be acquired.

A fine example of contemporary eastern culture!


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