An image of how the redesigned Shin-Osaka Station will look. Photo: Osaka Metro

Plan to renew Osaka subway stations before Expo 2025 draws fire


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Comparatively on an international scale the Japanese 'subway' / train systems are among the top systems in terms of cleanliness, punctuality, safety (low accident rate, women only cars, etc), AND affordability.

However the stations are essentially very utilitarian - the Osaka stations included..

Although one would note, especially on the Hankyu Line that there is an IKEBANA arrangement in a large glass 'hutch" in most stations.

That being said, many of the Osaka stations are outmoded in decor - especially if compared to the Moscow subway systems , which feels an art museum in parts.Thous compared to some places like New York or London Osaka is a dream.

If it is not to prohibitive cost-wise ( re tax payers money - aye there's the rub !) it would be nice for some of the key stations ro be modernized a bit .

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quite a difference between remodelling a few entrances versus the design in the article. Developers smell the trough of public money and want it. They weren't interested before the Expo win

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Most stations especially JR need more escalators and elevators not for the expo but for the multitudes of senior citizens......

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Just another excuse for the taxpayers money to get wasted. If it ain't broke why fix it?

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kurisupisuToday  07:12 am JST

Most stations especially JR need more escalators and elevators not for the expo but for the multitudes of senior citizens..


Especially for the elderly, disabled and people with little ones!

Just don't know why Japan is so behind on these "essentials'

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The should spend all the money on destroying the toilet at Yodoyobashi station and constructing a new one.

And and the Japanese should stop spending money on observation towers , decks and anything else observation related.

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I'm all for refurbishing and up grading some of these stations but what they've got planned is a bit over the top. Osaka sure knows how to waste money. Here's a clip:

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Spend spend spend... Golden parashoot!

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Well no doubt spending this would make many people a lot of money. The stations do need a refurbishing though, especially a lot of the subway.

Whsts the point in installing a futuristic disc in Shin Osaka? Amagasaki has had the same UFO for 15 years :)

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Let's crank up the public debt so that every kid born in Japan for the next 300 years gets a share. The country doesn't even have the labor force to carry out these projects.

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Thanks for the link SPEED.

That does seem rather over the top, clearly the people to who dreamt this up don't

USE Focus groups for testing ideas(very rare on these isles nation wide!)

And aren't using private funds in their ""planning""

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I made a mistake. TheKeuhan line as the disgusting toilets. The midosuji made some nice clean toilets a few years ago.

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More benches, for god's sake, Preferably the ones with individual armrests. Escalators, too. Skip the aesthetics and gimmicks, for the sake of us residents as opposed to a small number of temporary visitors.

Let's crank up the public debt 

The Japanese own their debt. May as spend it on themselves.

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Please save money for actually getting a train from KIX to Umeda.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Politicians + concrete + construction companies = votes.

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There is a train from KIX to Umeda it is run by JR. I like the Nankai line Rapid and then the subway to Umeda it is faster. The Midosuji line looks much better since that tv show lawyer who was governor sold it. The stations are much nicer. They are working on Shinsaibashi station now. They should spend the money on either making a new line or upgrading lines that Osaka residents use.

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A lot of people are talking about use of tax monies but the article doesn’t mention any such funding. Would be helpful to know where the funding is coming from.

“president of the subway operator, which took over the city-run business in April.” Means it’s now a private, not public operation?

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Still looking for the designs submitted by the "Bladerunner" creator!!

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Impossible to reflect the surrounding areas in the design. Osaka is in mass transformation. Everything is getting torn down and replaced.

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I can't remember how well Osaka Station works, but many stations need complete navigation redesigns. So confusing to get to the train you need.

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Fantastic idea, I hope they can incorporate as part of the design for the new stations, fast trains and ebikes (scooters,segways and ebikes are considered important for "last mile"), and so extend the usefulness of the stations, and work very well already in Tokyo & Yokohama, although we maybe have personal drone transport by 2025 instead !

-3 ( +0 / -3 ) you just swipe the pasmo, available charged and ready to go at most stations.

Do you think we will still use bicycles in the future year 2025 ?

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Osaka subway (now known as Osaka Metro, since it was privatized from city operation this year) is probably looking for something big since privatization this year.

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It's great that Osaka improves these stations. I would hope that this means more work for the thousands of day laborers and homeless who live in the Airin district and helps to improve their lives.

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Don't renew the stations for the benefit of the actual residents of Osaka who use them daily - just do it to promote a cleaner image of the area to visitors. Totally ass-backwards thinking.

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There is a train from KIX to Umeda it is run by JR. I like the Nankai line Rapid and then the subway to Umeda it is faster.

There is no direct line though. Never went via JR but it seems like a pain in the butt.

I like the Nankai also but its ridiculous to go from Umeda to Namba just to get on it, which is what I'd have to do. If this thing ever gets built it'll be much easier (they started plans in the early 80s...):

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