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Plutonium found in urine of 5 workers exposed to radiation


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"He said he has no intention of resigning for now but will take "appropriate" responsibility depending on the cause of the accident."

The rote memory line they are taught before taking the job and the big paycheques. They'll take "appropriate" (not even me that put it in quotation marks) responsibility until the next time it happens... likely tomorrow.

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A small amount. A small problem. We all know the Japanese translation of this one.

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Very unclear and conflicting analysis of the test results. Well, I know what conclusion to draw. Once upon a time the japanese were known to be honest.

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Anything other than urine and (other) passing through my genitals, would be a major concern to myself, and I'd be upset if told not to worry it's a small amount!

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and the will raise the allowed limit (again), problem solved. As long as the (pro nuclear ) Gov. handpicked their staff of the Nuclear Regulation Authority its as solid as Shinzo's excuses for his scandals.

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With plutonium a "small" amount is not small at all.

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Wonder how much of that has now been recycled into the local Drinking water ?

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With plutonium and basically every other material that is toxic in large amounts, small amounts can be beneficial. It is a biological effect called hormesis.

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Reember, Albert Stevens was injected with enough plutonium to accumulate a dose of ~64Sv. If that had been acute, he would be dead 6 times over. As it was, he died of something unrelated to radiation.

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