Police instructor stabs officer with knife during role-playing exercise


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While the knife's blade was still covered, one of the wounds penetrated the officer's lung, and the officer spent the next several days in hospital, they said.

This makes absolutely ZERO sense! I know what a survival knife is, used a k-bar back in the day, and if the blade was still "covered", and it penetrated the officer's chest to the point that it penetrated a lung, it took a hell of a lot of force, combined with intent, to go THAT far.

Either the article is wrong, or there is a whole hell of a lot more to this story than being told here.

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What a flipping psycho! He had to have known the blade penetrated the skin. He was only fined and admonished? He should have been fired and facing criminal charges.

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Another one for the Japanese police blooper reel!

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you couldn't make this up! oh dear!

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The danger of incompetence is real. Hospitalized real. Wonder if they sent him fruit?

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I bet trainees take those lessons more seriously in the future!

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Fake knives are supposed to be used in training, but the survival knife was real

I am starting to think this instructor may have intended to kill his student.

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It beggars belief that such a mistake could be made.

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Why are they using real knives in the training?

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What is a covered knife??? If it's a covered knife, how can it penetrate?

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Even a blunt object can penetrate if you use a lot of force.

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He was persuaded to drop the weapon but then took out the survival knife and stabbed the officer twice in the chest.

It was an exercise, PRACTICE only, yet he stabbed twice?

That definitely doesn't sound like practice to me. That sounds like he was making sure the job was done.

Either that or complete ignorance.

Well, it's the Japanese police department, so probably both.

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Use to take karate lessons ( not in Japan) the sensei was a really aggressive man if you rubbed him the wrong way. He was showing a move and a woman in the class started laughing, he chose her to do a demo and hurt her and said 'let's see if you found that funny '. She reported him, many left after that

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Police and the military train for real life violence with no rules, tapouts, or white towels. A certain degree of force is necessary when training. If you watch some martial arts training videos from militaries and police departments, it looks nothing like a controlled boxing or UFC match.

That being said, there definitely should have been more safety precautions taken than wrapping a real knife in cardboard and duct tape. FFS, a training rubber knife only costs 2,000Y

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Police Academy...

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Even a blunt object can penetrate if you use a lot of force.

Sure, but let's see here, it's a training exercise (supposedly) and there were 2 wounds, meaning there was intent to continue the harm.

How does one "accidentally" stab someone twice? Particularly hard enough to puncture a lung?

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I have to agree with Yabaru... there's more to this story than we're being told.

Within the Japanese Police force there is a significant amount of Bullying going on (I have that from friends in the force), so you could draw from that any conclusion - an easy way to injury someone you dislike ?!

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