Pollock masterpiece loaned from Iran for 1st time


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I don't know much about art, but this looks like a load of old Pollocks to me.

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loaned from Iran

I thought you borrowed from and loaned to.................

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In museum jargon, artworks are loaned, not borrowed.

Now, if I were a painting thief, this would be my chance...

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The only value of Jackson Pollock is the ease he lends to the composition of limericks.

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Nice to see the friendship between great friends Japan and Iran is still as warm as ever. Pollocks's Blue Poles was at one time the most rubbished artwork to be purchased (by Aus. government) and displayed in Australia. It is now worth tens of millions!

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At hatsoff:

Not sure what happened but I wrote before that all of his paintings are old. He passed away a long time ago on Long Island New York from a car crash.

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Rumor has it "Mural on Indian Red Ground" was originally called "Mural from when I went on a bender".

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Pollack, played by Ed Harris, was extremely good. I believe Marcia Gay Harden was nominated for an Oscar for her work in the film.

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At Papa. He did, and that is how he got killed.

If you ever get to see his paintings in real life check them out. They are huge and you just absorbed inside of them.

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Who is the rightful owner of these paintings?

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