Popular mascot Kumamon to change its official Chinese name


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Kumamon is Kumamon. Not a bear."

Totally agree! Of all the characters that haunt this country this one I find myself liking the most, particularly because the prefecture allows anyone and everyone to use the iconic symbol for free!

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Aloha. My wife is from Kumamoto, and we return home quite often. As a foreigner, I have come to feel very fond of Kumamoto. The natural environmental beauty of Kumamoto is enhanced by the beautiful spirit of the people of Kumamoto. Towards this end, Kumamon is a great symbol for the people of Kumamoto.


Mark Kazuo Bradley, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Kumamoto Prefecture said it has already applied for trademark registration of the new official Chinese name, as part of efforts to protect its intellectual property rights.

There's a waste of money right there. As if Chinese give a bear's bun about intellectual property rights.

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I just love the name Hung Bun.

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I wouldn't try to say kuma moto in Tanzania. It means hot female privates. Somebody should change that already.

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Love Kumamoto. Hope the name change will bring more tourist from China.

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Ah, the choice between approximating pronunciation or original meaning. Instead of マクドナルド (McDonald's), it would be 高長の子息 (Chouchou no shisoku, or high chief's [Donald's] son. Instead of KFC (Kentucky fried chicken), it would be 明日の焼鶏(ashita-chi yakikake, or land of tomorrow's [Kentucky's] fried chicken). Don't know which is easier...

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The new name, pronounced "xiong-ben-xiong" in Mandarin and "hung-bun-hung" , those both sound "stinky" in Japanese.

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Mark, I volunteer for a Facebook page, Kumamoto International, that you two might be interested in. The other day, I wrote about this issue in more detail.

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