Post-Fukushima meeting calls for more work on nuclear safety


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The conference was led by Captain Obvious, and his Japanese counterpart, Professor Akira Kana.

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Post-Fukushima meeting calls for more work on nuclear safety

You think?

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Oh, for pete's SAKE! Yeah, I'll save everyone a lot of money and time and tell them what will improve nuclear safety. Solar power. Wind power. Geothermal power. Insulating buildings and homes. Turn off the pachinko lights. Turn off 2/3 of the lights at night. Endless, job generating and income generating answers exist now. The only losers: TEPCO, and the soulless people who only think of their immediate profits, not the future.

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Why more safety? It was already 100% safe!

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Do thses GUYS ever look in a Mirror and see what kind of tweets they are...

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Post-Fukushima meeting calls for more work on nuclear safety

No news, sorry! what people were eagerly waiting for are calls to do away with nuclear plants as they have proven useless even during this year's unusually hot summer months

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nuclear safety

The solution is very simple. Nuke free.

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The IAEA, Japanese gov't and the power companies, have failed to show any real improvement in safety standards, at any of the atomic power plants. Quite the contary, the Oi reactors were restarted without any major improvement to safety, like an earthquake and radiation offsite emergency control center. Not even an evacuation plan for those living near the plant.

The gov't requested the Hamaoka atomic plant was closed down until the power completes a new sea wall which it increased in height but probably not high enough to withstand a tsunami from the next Nankai Earthquake.

There maybe fault line problems under the Oi plant and also the Tsuruga plant?

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