Power consumption peaks in TEPCO service area


Power consumption on Thursday reached its highest figure this summer in areas serviced by Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), the utility said. The temperature in Tokyo topped 36 degrees at 2 p.m. At that time, consumption was approximately 49.36 million kilowatts, which is about 90.4% of TEPCO's supply capacity.

Meanwhile, two more deaths due to suspected heatstroke were reported in Saitama and Kawasaki on Thursday.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said that Friday will be another hot day in Tokyo with a high of 32 degrees. It issued an advisory calling on people to drink plenty of water and use air conditioners to prevent heatstroke.

Since June 1, more than 35,450 people have been hospitalized due to heatstroke nationwide, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said.

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It's now common knowledge that TEPCO and the other utilities greatly underreported their non-nuclear power capacity, hoping to force the re-starts of their radioactive, money-generating, steam kettles.

Too bad a few people have died as an indirect result of saving power...

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Pretty impressive effort to minimize our power consumption, I must say! Congratulations people of Kanto. Big thanks especially to the companies who shifted factory hours to weekends and night shifts and in particular to those workers and their families for sacrificing normality for this extraordinary period of time, to help everyone out.


PS: the government has been telling people To USE their airconditioners for at least the past 10 days.

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Closing one pachinko parlour during daytime hours would allow one thousand households or more to use aircon during the day. There are a lot of pachinko parlours out there.

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Yesterday was a scorcher but it's forecast rain tonight then cooler temps (under 30C) for the rest of the week so the supply should be fine for now.

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Don't worry, it will get about 60.

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Today's high in Karuizawa was 18 degrees. Oops,sorry, it was actually around 23 - in the early morning, before the rain and mist/fog/clouds moved in, covering everything in a cool, white, fluffy, blanket. And tomorrow will be the same - except for the warm morning. I, slightly, pity those Kanto-folks who came to Karuizawa to escape the heat and now find themselves shivering in the cold because they didn't take any long-sleeved shirts or trousers with them!

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I think wanderlust has hit the target. Many of those who died of heat stroke should be counted as victims of the nuclear disaster, nuclear power, TEPCO and the government's lies. The fact that Japan can get through such an intense usage period, as taj says, with the government actually advising people to use air conditioners, shows that nuclear power is not necessary in Japan.

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