Power cut stops Tokyo trains; 15 passengers ill as air conditioning fails


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Horrible. I remember the days when London Underground had no aircon. Awful and tempers flared and when the trains came to a halt (happens frequently) I remember one passenger having an anxiety attack.

This is an unusual happening in Japan, hope they fix it, sharpish.

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So, that’s how you got Toasted, eh? Whew, it ho’.

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No considerations for human beings.

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No considerations for human beings.

I wouldn't want to defend the company but all the same, not sure how this incident could have been avoided.

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My worst nightmare. The summer train ride here is a nightmare even when air conditioners work.

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I was left stranded this morning waiting for my train......I waited for at least 30 minutes,then a message was blurted out over the PA system saying 'service is suspended.'

This happened last year on the Keisei Line as well when a typhoon hit and the whole keisei train network was down for most of the day due to 'salt on the overhead power cables.'

Sounds like Keisei has been neglecting their maintenance.

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sounds fun

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When everything runs on electricity... eggs, basket time?

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Unfortunately, I know of no electricity alternative to powering air conditioning. Maybe an onboard bike for pedalling power to charge AC?

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I was lucky enough to have stopped at Tsudanuma station. I canceled my jobs, turned around & got on the next train home.

anyone know how long the trains were stopped for ?

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08.45am on the Asakusa sen when they announced it. Just like tooheys, I went home.

tooheys - I hear it is still not running right. Might carry on until tomorrow. I went to work around 10.30am and trains were only running from Oshiage south.

Whenever this train nonsense happens I ignore the announcements to take alternative lines and I go home for breakfast.

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It was for a long time and the trains after that were very infrequent.

I think you made a very good 'executive decision.' in Japan the big decisions come down to yourself.I learnt that after 3/11 when all of the locals stood around waiting to be told what to do.

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Spitfire - the Asakusa sen is proving to be more London Underground than Tokyo Metro. Gives me a sense of London nostalgia when they keep cancelling my favourite train from Oshiage.

I tell my staff straight. Whenever this nonsense happens in the mornings I will go for breakfast and come in late when everyone has calmed down.

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They're not saying what caused the power cut ?

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Thanks God, no one died.

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No considerations for human beings.

Yeah, that darned electricity has no consideration for human beings. How dare it cut off like that. I hope the electricity loses its job over this.

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Tokyo runs magnificently but there is little or no leeway when something goes wrong.

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Can those who went to Hospital claim Damages from the Train operator ?

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Good question......but this being Japan I doubt it.

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