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Power outage disrupts train services in Tokyo area


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I walked to the tax office in that wind yesterday. Got wet, lost a hat and an umbrella.

Glad I did not try to take the train.

@Zichi: Ever see the crows and pidgins land on those wires?

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How many guys are actually working there and how many are watching, observing? Not even talking about the guys with flags who are there too for sure.

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Somebody is in big trouble!

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Voltage from the first comment is completely incorrect. Shinkansens have 25kV power lines, however local trains use 1500V.

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@Zichi you’re well off there. Electrification systems used by the JR Group are 1,500 V DC and 20 kV AC for conventional lines, and 25 kV AC for Shinkansen. Electrification with 600 V DC and 750 V DC are also seen in private lines. Frequency of AC power supply is 50 Hz in eastern Japan and 60 Hz in western Japan.

@Sandybeach: Birds tend not be grounded. So the electricity stays “in" the wire,

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Use the Meguro Line to go from Musashi-Kosugi to Meguro. Then use the Yamanote. A bit of a pain, but not the end of the world.

Or take the Nambu line (which runs frequently) to Musashi Mizunokuchi and then transfer to the Denentoshi Line, which runs directly to Shibuya.

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The Tokyu Toyoko Line lost power after scaffolding at a building construction site alongside tracks collapsed near Jiyugaoka Station

The scaffolding collapsed due to strong winds but no injuries were reported

Ywet still, wait and see how soon JR will try to tsake the construction site to court for making them loose money by cutting the power even though it was an act of nature. They did that to an old lady whose late husband who had dementia wandered on the tracks and was hit and killed by a train. She didn't know where he was, but they sued an old lady for a large amount on money.

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@Listen and Zichi: The voltage is really of no concern. It is the amperage and the force of those electrons.

Was just testing knowledge. Good experience.

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"@Zichi: Ever see the crows and **pidgins land on those wires?"**

I would like to see that! Show me the pidgins!

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That’s going to be very expensive. Have to be super careful with your scaffold design beside live railway lines as the consequences of a collapse onto the track can be catastrophic. Despite the inconvenience this was a lucky escape.

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1500 V DC, not 30 kV.


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