Powerful storm lashes parts of Japan; snarls holiday travel

By Charly Triballeau

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Severe Tropical Storm Krosa -- one notch below a typhoon -- was churning slowly just off the southwestern coast of Japan, packing wind gusts of up to 160 kilometers per hour.

This is a large tropical storm, not a "typhoon", but the media keeps calling it that. This storm has been packing winds of about 104 kms/hr (65 miles/hr) not 160 kms/hr for the past few days. It was packing 185 kms/hr winds a week back on Aug 8th.

They need to be more accurate and precise with their information so as not to scare people to death. They definitely should ground planes and stop boats to be safe but watching leaves on trees rustling in the wind or a few knocked over bikes on TV doesn't constitute a dangerous to "typhoon".

It was pretty windy in Shikoku last night with a bit of rain but nothing crazy and it's calm and mellow today. It covers a wide area but since it's not that powerful, it'll weaken quickly.

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Please be safe everyone.

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@Speed: where in Shikoku do you live? Winds are very localized in such storms, it depends on where you are relative to the eye. Gusts of up to 160 km/h is an accurate statement - this was observed at Muroto Misaki.

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We're getting level 3 warnings here in Okayama which seems about right (stay alert and elderly people should consider evacuating). The wind doesn't seem too bad but after last year's floods everyone is a little wary of the heavy rainfall.

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It's pretty bad here. The rain hasn't stopped, and is even starting to accumulate in puddles. The wind is so strong the the trees are moving... back and forth and back again. I am frankly terrified.

I have realized that we left our umbrellas in the car. I am thinking to make a mad dash 3 meters to the driveway to retrieve them, but my wife tells me it's better not to take the risk. I am needed to provide for my family and should avoid reckless behavior.

So we are hunkering down and listening to the ominous sounds of dripping water and leaves rustling in the trees. I hope we are still OK tomorrow morning. Be safe out there!

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Speed: where in Shikoku do you live? Winds are very localized...

I'm travelling through southwest Kochi near Ashizuri misaki, through the mountains of Ehime and Tokushima, and Matsuyama and Niihama. The windiest was Ashizuri misaki but if you drove slowly with caution it wasn't that bad. The rest of the places just had inconsistent heavy rain. In Matsuyama now with some downpours and moderate winds but nothing to write home about.

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For god's sake, man! Evacuate now! Don't you care about the safety of your family?

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Listen to your wife, you don't need umbrellas right now. Even in case of evacuation a poncho and a cap will be more efficient. You married a smart one, omedetou.

Be safe and careful.

Everyone too.

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