Powerful typhoon Chaba barrels toward Japan


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This one looks like its going to miss Tokyo as well.

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Be safe folks, that typhoon tore through Kume Island and knocked over concrete reinforced telephone poles.

When it roared over the island it was a super typhoon and while it has lost some of it's punch it still is deadly. Be safe!

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As per usual, that tired line of better being safe than sorry is in effect.

If they didn't, and something happened to the kids, they'd be crucified by the posters here, and likely sued by angry parents as well.

As usual, on JT, everyone is damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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Its going to be a wild night in Hokuriku. Ive had some people tell that they have never heard of a typhoon striking the area before.

**As usual, on JT, everyone is damned if you do, damned if you don't

I agree with you 1000%

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I'm in Iwaizumi, up where Lionrock hit the worst.

We still have a lot of trees etc in the rivers, if we get more heavy rain, it'll probably be those that cause more flooding. I really hope it slows before it gets here tonight. I don't think we can go through that again so soon T^T

Hope everyone stays safe!

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Powerful typhoon Chaba barrels toward Japan

That's right, JT. Having passed through Okinawa, Chaba's on its way to our northern neighbour, Japan!

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Wow, NO RAIN today in Kitkakyushu. Nice Typhoon.

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Yep, I am here in FUK since Monday & it was just a bit of rain & wind, so lucky it kind of went past, but as is typical of these crazy strong storms its going to hit somewhere & it was Korea, nasty stuff & now its headed back to Japan....but oddly the radar weather map doesn't look bad for western Japan.............

Lets hope this one peters out, there has been too much damage this year from these damned typhoons!

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Correction - Tsushima is off of Northern Kyushu, not South. Source - I used to live there

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Look at what happened in SK where the weather agency miss forecast that the typhoon will NOT hit Korea.

Even the SK government is criticizing the agency that damages would have been lighter if they forecast the possibility and now the agency is back pedaling stating Autumn weather changes unexpectedly. LoL

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Yesterday afternoon in Kochi, we got about 30 minutes of torrential rain and very gusty winds blowing all the bicycles over outside the window. Two hours later warm, very humid and not a cloud in the sky.

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