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Powerful typhoon to approach Okinawa later this week


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Okinawa's Typhoon TOUGH!

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We're all prepared to confront it.

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"Mawar"? Powerful Typhoon #2 大型台風2号 is approaching Okinawa later this week...

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The US custom of putting names on Hurricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones after all these years has resulted in some oddball names since all the easy ones have been used. I think that the Japanese system of numbering makes much more sense and makes it easy to remember how many have come that season.

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nice doesnt effect me im in tokyo

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No mention of the fact that this storm was one of the 10 strongest ever recorded.

Let's hope it doesn't re-strengthen.

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950hpa is bad news, take care everyone around this monster.

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Agree, I think giving them numbers is a lot easier and makes more sense.

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My child is going to school in Guam, and their place of residency had typhoon shutters and made it through okay. However, power and internet service could take weeks to get back up and running because 90 percent of the island was affected, and the Guam government has to prioritize.

Point being made, this typhoon is a wicked one, and Okinawans really need to brace themselves for the very worse. The winds were so strong in Guam that it picked up a 4 by 4 truck and it was tossed over 2 or 3 times before it came to a stop.

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For people which want to educate themselves about naming of typhoon, cyclone, hurricane.

Mawar means Rose. It was probably listed by Indonesia, I would guess.

The whole world does not revolve about the US. Other countries also give name to their children. People from other countries also have idea. Countries can come to agreement regarding international system.

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Flute, you are correct about the name Mawar, it does mean rose in Indonesian and this came directly from an Indonesian person I work with.

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