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Prince Akishino says he is 'relieved' by emperor abdication law


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Oh course because he'll be in charge and he's a wet sponge

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If they don't kill the current emperor first with all these meetings with foreign "dignitaries". The poor guy had to meet Trump AND Duterte in less than a month apart. That would have killed me.

Mako is sooo beautiful..

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I remember when Aki and Kiko got married, eraly 90s or so. I think they first lived in a University 宿舎 first. I wonder if it had running hot water like mine didn't.

The place in the photo - their current household in Akasaka - looks like it has.

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A photo that oozes joy and happiness.

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A lot of black and brown hair dye went into that photo. Just saying. The British royal family embrace their natural hair - whether it be colour and baldness.

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Royal families are so last century. Surely democracies should elect their head of state ?

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Nice staged photo. Everyone pauses to enjoy the moment with their hands perfectly positioned in waiting. So ridiculous.

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The government should just let the man retire while he still has time to enjoy it. I think the date has been pushed into 2019 instead of the original 2018.

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