Prince Hisahito, 3rd in line to the throne, turns 10


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Something is amiss in a democracy if 1) there is still an imperial system; 2) only males are considered; and 3) there is a ranking system based on age.

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Congratulations to Prince Hisahito on his birthday. He looks like he is growing into a fine boy and he seems to have two well-adjusted older sisters as well.

With all due respect to the Imperial Family, one wonders just how much pressure was brought to bear on his parents to produce a male offspring in order to preclude changing the law to allow for female Emperors. I don't begrudge Prince Hisahito anything, just making an observation.

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The government are kicking the can down the road to let someone else deal with the succession issue and future abdication. Making this a one off policy saves politicians from being placed in a "difficult" situation and being forces to come up with a definitive process for both issues.

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That kid is 10 already?!

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