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Prince Mikasa who loved dancing and hated war laid to rest

By Elaine Lies

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Rest in peace, Mikasa-san.

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In line with tradition, Akihito and Empress Michiko did not attend.

Odd tradition, I wonder why.

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Plus side - less of a burden now on the Japanese Tax-payer...so there is that!

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An Oriental History scholar, Mikasa eschewed royal honorifics, preferring to be addressed “Mikasa-san” like ordinary Japanese. He was also a folk dancing aficionado and enthusiastic ice skater, and enjoyed karaoke

That must help to explain why his son was so open and funny ! We had the honour and pleasure of skiing with him (quite a few years ago) and he really made us laugh !

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Heed his words...all politicians. Rest in peace, PrinceMikasa.

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Prince Mikasa who loved dancing and hated war laid to rest

But he loved a good dance battle.


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In Korean cable TV "Ryomaden" is quite popular... However, this series cannot be understood by western people or young Asians. It has too many subtle Japanese concepts... Explaining the Japanese situation from the middle of the 18th century to the 19th century is very important. Many young Asians don't know for example about the Russian expansion and the Japan's war against the Russians which was quite a justfiable one, and the fact that China was already divided up into many parts by warlords, France, Germany, and England. Movies and TV series are good way to educate people but they must be "understandable".

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Rest in Peace Mikasa, your legacy is far better than that of your older brother, that's for sure.

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Imperial household. Agency maintriin their assets. tax is not used. If they write books a d publishers bring income, they go to iha. Budget fund. Showa emperor wrote ma y volummds books about grasssxes in. imperial garden and allincome went to kunaichlu budget funds. Likewise your tax money is Also. It is illegal, if they accept anything. : people who

try to give anything to. Them usury go to jai. Anyway. No tax money.l

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