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Princess Aiko turns 18


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HB to her highness, but what is she wearing ?

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She's probably the kindest, most caring & sweetest girl there is but she desperately needs 'normal' ppl in her life.

She , as noted in previous years, had many problems adjusting to "regular" life in school, and it was hinted at, but never openly discussed, that she had problems interacting with other children her own age.

I for one HOPE she does become what you have written here!

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Kill your heart, i send you a dog who will wear it as a bandana. Love it. Happy birthday !

Chamberlain have board problem bad flu according my little mouse.

I think she merit the throne better than her cousin and chamberlain bet too much on the end of democraty. England lie a lot to survive and betrayed everyone. Japan will fall if it doesn't start to wake up a little. Chamberlain speak instead of princessess ? No mom on the picture ? Fishy like in europe.

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Happy Birthday Princess Aiko!

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Happy Birthday, Princess Aiko. Your face looks exactly like the Emperor's. Hope you become the next one. Blessings from above be on you always.

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An 18 year old dressed like a 40 year old....She needs to escape !!!

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Why no mother on the picture ?

Someone has to take the picture.

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That dog lives better than I do.

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Happy Birthday!

And if over 81% of those asked are approving of having an empress, then why stick to the old dinosaur ways? The United Kingdom has had many queens over the years (Some who have done very well as head of state)

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I imagine Amaterasu would enjoy seeing a woman sit on the throne.

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The pegboards are used to hang things in garages and sheds. That’s why people don’t see them fitting for the emperor’s family. Maybe they were high class when they first came out.

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Happy Birthday, cute girl. How time flies. I arrived in Japan two years before she was born and it was such a spectacle as the new baby of the then Crown Prince at the time we thought she might one day be his heir, but politics had a different say, too bad she seems like sweet lady and now she’s all grown up. Whatever awaits her in life, I wish her the best.

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Run Aiko, Run. Now, you can go live free life abroad.

And if Princess Aiko was having a boy, could he become the heir ?

By current rule, it's if the father is an Imperial family member only. So she'd have to marry a cousin but those left are a little boy (that is already a heir) and already married old men.

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Happy Birthday Princess Aiko,

Like Father, like daughter, don't you think?

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She's probably the kindest, most caring & sweetest girl there is but she desperately needs 'normal' ppl in her life.

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I am one of those Japanese who want to see her enthronement.

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The princess rejoiced in her class victory at an athletics meet in September, while spectators were excited when she performed dance at a school festival in November, the agency said.

Please.....I mean really...please..."rejoiced"?

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And if Princess Aiko was having a boy, could he become the heir ?

Why no mother on the picture ?

Happy birthday to her otherwise !

I wish I could get back to my 18's

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Hey Dad you are emperor now right, for my birthday I'd like to get rid of these pegboard walls and buy a sofa that doesn't look like it came from Nitori.

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