Princess Kako to study at University of Leeds from Sept


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A real beauty! I hope she enjoys the future ahead of her, and doesn't become a slave of the IHA.

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Yu, yu from Leeds?” Stay away from Headingly. Maybe have a pint in Keighley.

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@ListenTheTruth - how on earth is she going to stay away from Headingly? That's where a lot of halls/flats, shops, and pubs are, as well as being a nice walk.

Be sensible, keep safe, and have fun, I say!

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Ee bah gum, tha's come about nutty slack I'll be bound. I'll sithee Ned Leather.

It would be rather amusing if she came back to Japan with a broad Yorkshire accent. Flower.

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I'm sorry, leeds? What's wrong with the myriad of universities back home? Coming from the family she does, isn't it an honor to promote the education back home? I didn't see william or harry heading to Kyoto uni, SMH!!

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Fred Wallace, Gakushuin and ICU are back home.

Going to another country is an excellent idea. More Japanese should do so. It would teach them a lot about the world and even their own country.

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@Fred Wallace

 I didn't see william or harry heading to Kyoto uni, SMH!!

If you'd been paying attention, you might have noticed both Wills and Harry spending a year abroad. (I wasn't paying attention but seem to remember their gap years being spent in South Africa and Australia - can't be arsed to check though).

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Man, even my wife is in awe about how cute Princess Kako is.

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Classic! What are the odds she'll bring home a 120kgs Leeds united fan brought up on fry ups, football (or worse, league) and lager!?

Edinburgh would have had a more royal feel about it but i like that she is venturing out of her comfort zone. Good on her and her parents. Season ticket holder i say!

She is stunning btw.

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oh she is a cutie! good luck to the lucky Brit that will catch her :-)

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Leeds is one of the worst cities in England. Very dodgy.

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seanwd20, in my experience it's much of a muchness, but Leeds I found relatively better and full of interesting places and people. Follow Maria's advice above and she should have a brilliant time.

Just remember to say please and thank you in the pub.

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The Leeds Royal Armouries, definitely worth a visit.

And maybe, beer (Tetley's?) in hand she'll develop a passion for cricket in Headingley.

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If only she could be Empress

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I'm sorry, leeds?

Nowt wrung wi'Leeds.

It would be rather amusing if she came back to Japan with a broad Yorkshire accent.

Eyh it wud, tha'.

Last year I attended a reception in Tokyo for a Yorkshire brass band, the members of which broke into a spontaneous rendition of Ikley Moor. The expressions on the faces of the Japanese attendees, most of whom had prided themselves until that moment on their mastery of the English language, were truly precious.

Ekky thump. Ah ope t'lass enjoys hersen.

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I'm sure she'll have a great time and broaden her horizons. Also she will be relatively anonymous as was her sister in Edinburgh (and now/later, Leicester?), meaning minimum security requirement and a semblance of the normal life of an exchange student abroad. Much less claustrophobic than her normal experience in Japan. She should make the most of it.

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I wonder how good her English is. University text books are not easy, and one must debate in a lot of classes...especially art classes.

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Leeds?! Leeds?!


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And maybe, beer (Tetley's?) in hand she'll develop a passion for cricket in Headingley.

The last Japanese person I knew who went to a cricket match in England got plastered and didn't remember a thing about the game.

A fine and noble English tradition. Getting plastered that is, not cricket.

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I used to see her sister around the Gakushuin university all the time before she changed to ICU, these girls have a permanent security escort of at least 2 SP guards and they don't use the trains, they're driven around in (probably armored) cars. I don't think she'll have any trouble in the UK even in the off chance she goes into a rough area. I'm sure her security team or a UK equivalent from the SAS will be with her.

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