Princess Mako's boyfriend to meet her parents ahead of marriage


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Kyodo needs to correct itself. At this late stage and about to be married is no longer the boyfriend. Disrespectful.

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Again with the “boyfriend.” The Japanese press calls him 婚約者(fiancé) as it should be. Why boyfriend? They even talk about Komuro’s mother’s ex fiancé.

What gives?

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What he should (but won’t) say to daddy:

I’m 30 and your daughter is 29. We’re both adults and do not need your approval. I’m gainfully employed and have a graduated degree in Law. And by the way, my mother’s debts are not my own.

So you can get on board and be involved in the lives of the coming grandchildren or you can p-off, but I’m done cow-towing to you.

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Fordham University's law school, from which he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree 

I'm not sure why, but every story about Komuro Kei, this information is always inserted. I thought usually we would just state he graduated with a law degree, or he graduated from Law school.

I also find it interesting that his mother's ex-fiancé keeps brining up in the press that he hasn't been repaid. I wonder if some group or someone is behind the scenes orchestrating this.

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How much you want to bet that once these two get married and are hounded out of their home country, the American press won't give a fig about them, other than puff pieces on "the former princess in Manhattan"?

No, it will be the Japanese press that will follow them, hounding them wherever they go. All because some hurt boyfriend of this guy's mum GAVE her money to help out when they were together, but now that he's out of the relationship, he's converted that into "a loan" that needs repaying?

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After all the unnecessary scrutiny and speculation, one can only hope that this couple can manage to have a happy life together.

Congratulations, may your life together be peaceful and fulfilling,!

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So what type of tea will be served and what kind of sweets will accompany the tea?

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Well that should be an awkward tea party.

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But as a potential lawyer he’ll be well trained to obfuscate-no worries!

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Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today, I want to be a part of it, New York, New York...

I think she will get a good reception there and have a lot of help from the Japanese community there.

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So you can get on board and be involved in the lives of the coming grandchildren or you can p-off, but I’m done cow-towing to you.

They made him tow cows?? If that doesn't show true love, nothing does. I surprised a skinny guy like that could tow a cow. Add exceptional physical strength to his career credentials.

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So Prince Fumihito and his wife never met Komuro Kei before?

I thought they already did years ago like most normal bride's parents, no?

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I'm sure that group of rich people really really care about 35k

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move to USA ?

Are you sure that's a wise decision ?

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The agency also revealed the princess has been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder caused by what she described as psychological abuse the couple and their families received.

According to Wiki: *Post-traumatic stress disorder** (PTSD) is a mental and behavioral disorder[6] that can develop because of exposure to a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, warfare, traffic collisions, child abuse, domestic violence or other threats on a person's life.*

Well, in my first job in Japan I ended up way above the work-hour limits for Karoshi and needed 3 years to fully physically and mentally recover after leaving said job. I was "shellshocked" but until reading the "threats on a person's life"-bit above, not have deemed myself falling under PTSD.

Seems like for rich people born with a silver spoon in their mouths the bar is pretty low for such diagnostic. Would also really like to know who those are who gave "...the couple and their families psychological abuse...".

Nothing beats a poor little rich girl's sad love story when it comes to sell headlines.

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Princess Mako will move to NYC, lives in an apartment paid by her father for all you know, with a body guard (for sure). The only difference is she won't live in a palace and not officially using title Princess. Perhaps this is happiness for her. As for her husband, he's a very lucky man to benefit from this privilege.

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As others have said, 35k is pocket change for this family. They could literally fart in a jar, seal it, and then sell it to some Imperial family otaku for about 35k.

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All this unnecessary, drawn out flimflammery, what is the point? Just get down City Hall and fill in the form.

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In a month they are in the land of the free, so grit your teeth for a few weeks then she can do whatever the hell she wants. It’s a shame it takes 30 odd years to be able to wake up and not have a schedule and outfit next to your bed.

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I agree it’s odd the newsfeed persists in referring to him as her “boyfriend”.

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This whole sensational, extraordinary, Imperial Household Agency objectionable press media briefing against Princess Mako of Akishino, yes let respectfully refer to title, and Kei Komuro nuptials is responsible for the media circus that followed.

Is there a serious suggestion, that a disputed 4 million yen ($35,000) could justify in such a public humiliation.

During a meeting at the Akasaka Estate, Komuro is expected to explain to Crown Prince Fumihito and Crown Princess Kiko the trouble between his mother and her former fiance over 4 million yen ($35,000), including money spent on his education.

What is there to explain?

Kei Komuro has met Crown Prince Fumihito and Crown Princess Kiko on numerous occasion reported in JT.

Both fully approved of the relationship moving on to marriage.

Well that is, until the Imperial Household Agency engaged in a whispering campaign.

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I wonder how long it will take for her to snap out of the royal ways and get rid of that constant fake smile and a stiff spine and actually behave like a normal person?

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The best advice I would give Keo is, don't meet Mako's parents on the Akasaka Estate, (their home). Invite them out for dinner.

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Again with the “boyfriend.” The Japanese press calls him 婚約者(fiancé) as it should be. Why boyfriend? They even talk about Komuro’s mother’s ex fiancé.

THey should be calling Komuro's mother's ex-fiancé, ex-boyfriend too!

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To Hito Bito:

It’s messier than you seem to think.

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The unprecedented decisions come as the crown prince maintains the view that the marriage is not supported by many Japanese and therefore the traditional ceremonies cannot be held.

The above ticked me off, Komuro should tell daddy he is way off base, take a hike & stay the hell away from NYC!!! The ol'man sounds like he is being a total arse!

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about time

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The couple will meet each other for the first time in about three years

Was that really a "relationship?" Who survives three years of long distancing?

Oh well, I'm sure the ponytail will make things a lot less awkward for all involved.

Princess Mako's boyfriend to meet her parents

That should be the name of one shows for the next winter J-Drama line up.

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his new ponytail hairdo and demeanor, such as keeping silent in front of the press, making headlines

And keeping silent in front of his new dad while twirling the ponytail will be a comfortable family visit.

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Princess Mako's boyfriend to meet her parents ahead of marriage

Well I should hope so! They're not Bobby Ewing and Pamela Barnes!

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I can only imagine what this guy will go through. I remember the grilling I got when I met my ex-wife’s parents. This guy is meeting the emperor. He’ll be in for a hell grilling.

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thats great but -

shouldn't he have asked for her hand in marriage to her parents before proposing marriage ?

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