Princess Mako makes 1st official public appearance since postponing wedding


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The longer the engagement period, the more happiness it will bring.

So if you never actually marry that guy you'll be ecstatic

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Can someone please hire a fashion adviser to the royal family.

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No ring?

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Agreed. All the young women dress like old ladies.

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Demure, cosmopolitan for the occasion, and sensible footwear.

Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito taste is cultured and sophisticated too.

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Does the man behind the ladies know that they can't see him so his gesture is pointless. They are already going in the direction he is pointing then to, talk about redundant. But he looks happy in his importance. Great smile the Princess has.

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2020 will definitively will be hectic with wedding and Olympics in same year. Hope Japanese government can handle all the drama.

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Yeah! Another pointy man!

Please walk here to avoid walking into the wall...

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Time to hire a fashion stylist at the place!

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But he looks happy in his importance.

All the qualities necessary for a prime minister, or an emperor, or a funeral director. I'd vote for him.

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Another victim of the Imperial Household Agency.

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This is typical fodder with celebs - deny the stories in the press until it's no longer feasible. It's painfully obvious this wedding is a done deal. No couple, whether commoners or royals, are going to announce and then suddenly make excuses why a two YEAR postponement is a positive.

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What a coincidence that practically the day after the postponement was put out to the media, she is out and about on official business.

I wonder what the bookmakers odds are on the wedding being cancelled. I'll give it between 6 months to a year, any takers?

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Yubaru is right (did I just say that?). Now they have to back out delicately without embarrassing the royal family any further.

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