Prolonged screening may delay Osaka, Nagasaki casino opening schedules


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Japan legalized casinos in 2018 in an effort to boost tourism and regional economies. Osaka and Nagasaki are the only candidate sites to host casino resorts under the country's liberalized gambling laws.

Like pachinko has been a great boon for local economies?

The actual people who benefit seem rather murky...

Similar to the efforts to base economic development on tourism, doing so with casinos will never trickle down, and instead be a regressive, dangerous distraction for many.

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I hope it never opens.

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I hope it never opens.

Why? It would attract lots of those foreign people who you love so much to spend their money in JAPAN!!

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yes this is what Japan needs right now.../irony off/

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You mean the casinos that were approved by politicians who took bribes from the casino companies?

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These gambling palaces being nothing but bad news. All of 6 Australian gambling palaces have had sack the management and bring in a new approved admin with reviews in 12 months time to prove if they should retain their licences. Washing drug money and others criminal profits was what they all got caught doing. These Japanese licenses will be like printing money to the crime gangs that win them. Because that what these so called entertainment company are. You can put makeup on a sow but it still a sow.

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Bureaucrats not being able to make a decision for another TWO years. Yep, you heard it right. Not build anything, nor start anything, not actually doing or planning anything; just trying to make a decision. Witness the machine-like efficiency! Gotta love these guys, must be a nice job. The real mafia!

Build two casinos! Just go for it and stop dilly-dallying around innit! if you're gunna do something do it!

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You mean the casinos that were approved by politicians who took bribes from the casino companies?

Yeah, and then they bribed the IOC, who in turn bribed the casino companies. The money just goes in circles.

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Let the big name Vegas casinos open in Osaka. Put them right next to USJ

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