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Protests held for second day over secrecy bill


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Japan better protest everyday until the law is withdrawn otherwise it will be the last time anyone will ever hear about it and anything else

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Further demonstrates that those of us who live in Japan have NO right or access to the VERITAS TRUTH ! What the government and rightwng politicins are saying in effect is the old adage.............

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most of the country’s media have slammed the bill as an overreach

A notable exception is NHK, which has become a propaganda machine for Abe.

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This bill will fly through both houses. Abe is again using the phony China threat to push his real agenda. This bill says that government ministers can decide what information to keep from the public with a threat of ten years in prison for those who tell inconvenient truth. The whole country should rise against this, but only a few thousand will protest and this will soon become law. It's a real shame, but Japan's basic freedoms are being eroded. The media is already very compliant, especially NHK.

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For such a secretive and non transparent government system the need for such draconian laws would bode ill for everyone. A 10 year sentence for....anything the government deems. Add the 99% conviction rate and a judicial system that rubber stamps any incarceration for anyone bought before it. A perfect storm. We are lucky Japanese people are not so complient.

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Go go go... Reminds me of Star Wars Episode 2 a bit..

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The Secrecy Bill will make all Japanese captive by Abe, his crooks and his policy fallacies.

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