Pumpkins, peas, peonies: New York exhibit celebrates Yayoi Kusama

By Catherine TRIOMPHE

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Very cool.

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Much respect to Yayoi Kusama!

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Saw once, love it.

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I like this a lot more than just her static paintings... which I think are extremely overrated.

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Dreadful stuff, honestly.

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so did she make all those objets?

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I have seen many of her exhibitions all over the world, including her home town Matsumoto.

A living treasure.

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Around my hometown there is a similar field of white corn cob structures but I think a local artist did that. Still, in Ottawa there are a lot of beautiful similar sculptures of tulips in various psychedelic colors scattered thruout the downtown area. I wonder if Yayoi Kusama made those or did somebody else?

Either way, this stuff is colorful, vivid, striking and beautiful.

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