Quake jolts eastern Japan; no tsunami threat


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a week after the big one there were several hundred on here. at least it's calmed down a bit.

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Only a matter of time before another tsunami hits Tohoku. I hear there arwe still a bunch of people within 3 km of the coast...

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I don't know where you're at, but it hasn't calmed down at all here in south Iwate. We had a fair shake at 5 this morning that bounced me right out of bed and the 6.3 on Friday had me and the mrs in the street real quick. I haven't had a good nights sleep since March, and nobody here in coastal Tohoku has either. Everyone I know has 'jisshin yoi' including me. The one this article is describing was easily felt all the way up here past Sendai. For the best real time earthquake data for your location in Japan check out

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The yurekuru app for iphone gives an early warning of quakes. Free and good. Tohoku and ibragi have been buzzing all night. Hope everyone stays safe.

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Wow, here in Aichi, i cant feel a thing. I feel for ya guys!

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WoW! Here in Tokyo I told my wife she was lying about quakes, I did not feel anything today, but she said she felt 2 big ones?? So did my English and Spanish students, but me?? Nada! Nothing! Zip! Zilch!

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@shinhiyata. Your nerves must be shattered. Praying it starts calming down soon for you.

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