M5.3 quake hits eastern Japan; nuclear plant stable


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think it is one of the strong earthquake in japan but why the medias are not following this earthquakes with updates on this disaster... my friends are there hope they area fine..why is going there?? ...<at least this blog is giving little information.. >

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Felt it here in western Tokyo.

While strong it won't raise many eyebrows here, most of the affected area only got hit with level 3.

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@Bivek: I understand your concern, but it's easy to worry when you're not in Japan. Magnitude 5.2 isn't a big deal- for Japan at least, we have been through worse in the past few months. Most people have accepted that this is a part of life. Didn't even feel the quake this morning, maybe I'm just used to it already. If it's something serious, rest assured that people in Japan will make a big deal out of it.

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Thank you, JT. Youhave been doing a great job to keep up with earthquake news.

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Here's a link to follow quakes, Bivek

You can look at quakes within the last 3,6,9,12, and 24 hours, as well as pick a day to look at. If you let it run it will replay the quakes on 3/11

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Here's the Japan Meteorological Agency earthquake info page. You can click backwards through the quake reports, and scroll down and get the magnitude for each part of Tokyo, or wherever the quake may have been,

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it hit pretty loud here in Ibaraki. A hand of bananas fell to the floor and my youngest baby woke up. (-_-)

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Just when yesterday I was thinking we were having the longest time scale since the last quake. Guess it's still not over. There were two quakes.

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It's going to take a while for things to calm down. The world seems to have entered an active seismic phase this year. Keep fingers crossed it doesn't rattle the Tokai plate!

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The paragraph about March 11 always shows up in articles. I think everyone knows about what happened. But repeating that point over and over seems like it's being sensationalized.

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Was asleep in a brand new apartment in the middle of Tokyo. Didn't feel a thing!

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What can we do to appease the Buddhists deities and make Japan nice and safe and safe again??

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In Tsukuba it was a weak shake. Initially, that it was just me.

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Where are the nuclear cores??????????????

No news on that ?

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what nuclear cores?

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"Nuclear plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said that the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant remained stable."

STABLE ????? in what? leaking radiations?

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You really have to dig deep for some of this news, but here is a TBS article (in J) from yesterday saying that robots have found 1600 millisieverts per hour coming from under the flooring in the No.3 reactor at Fukushima.

Now that suggests that whatever source of very high radioactivity is being jiggled around by these aftershocks is absolutely free and unmonitored to do so.

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PS The same article mentioned in my previous post says that they were hoping to start removing water from the basement of No.3 for filtering, and that on the 14th of this month when they sent a robot inside they got an already very high reading of 1300 MS. This time, on the 19th, the reading was 1600 MS. There are worries that this might set back the year-end cold shutdown schedule.

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The title asserts that the nuclear plant is stable - I would propose that it is not.

Fissioning has been shown to occur recently , so where is the nuclear material ?

In or out of the containment?

Horoaki Koide the reknowned Japanese scientist has opined,

If episodes of fission at Fukushima were confirmed, Mr. Koide said, “our entire understanding of nuclear safety would be turned on its head.”
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