Questions raised about more remains of war dead brought from Russia


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My deceased father in law was a prisoner of war in Mongolia after the war, he was forcibly taken into service from here in Okinawa when he was around 16 or 17 years old.

He rarely openly talked about his experiences, yet he did share many with his grandchildren, and typically on June 23rd, Okinawa's Memorial Day He never expected he would live, he had contracted malaria, and back then, it was close to a death sentence, particularly in the conditions they were living in, yet somehow he survived.

It's impossible to find all the remains, and maybe it would be best to just let them lay where they are along with the history they hold. Remember them, but let them rest in peace!

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Wouldn't you do testing before bringing them back to Japan?

To this day they are still bringing home Korean and Vietnam war bodies home in the US.

Never a problem.

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Some unscrupulous locals in the Philippines supplemented their income by supplying bodies and remains to the Japanese authorities after the war, claiming that they were the remains of Japanese soldiers, until they were exposed.

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The major problem is the Japan belief that those dead are not at rest until returned to their homes. Important for the Japanese families involved.

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Wouldn't you do testing before bringing them back to Japan?

This is the real world not a TV show. Extracting and testing DNA, which is how they are identified as non-Japanese, takes considerable time.

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And I still want my tax yen spent on the living and find this a damn waste.

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