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Radiation from Japan found in kelp off U.S. West Coast


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Kelp is what whales eat, make note Japan.

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I think whales eat krill, plankton and small fish, not kelp, but there is probably plenty of radiation in those creatures now as well.

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gogogo, whales are carnivorous. They don't eat kelp.

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Here are a couple of links to what is really going on in Fukushima and what went on (or didn't). But, TEPCO is still stating 'cold shutdown'. It should be 'cold shout out'!!! The radiation leaked and still leaking from Fukushima is a serious concern for the whole world and has the capability of ending all life on earth unless something is done quickly. Please read these links:



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Like I said before, "The Japanese government is contaminating the whole world and they don` give a damn"!! The Japanese government officials along with all of the TEPCO Executives are all modern day terrorists!!

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As radiation accumulates in the body and we are exposed to other sources of contamination the results will be fatal diseases and premature deaths.....

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“Although it is probably not harmful for humans because it was relatively low levels, it may have affected certain fish that graze on the tissue because fish have a thyroid system that utilizes iodine.”

Yeah but it will move up the food chain,

doesnt matter anyway we all gotta die of something so might as well be this isn't that the shogunai attitude we should all have?

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You have to eat whale to understand whale. Their grazing habits, and you notice the word grazing, varies.

I do not know if Americans eat Kelp, but I know the Japanese do. Will it be sent back to us for our beloved Miso Shiro?

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Whew! Good thing it isn't something important.

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This shows how nuclear radiation and waste efffects are not only limited to Japan. Therefore whatever moves Japan takes, it should know that this will have far reaching repercussions globally. Otherwise Japan wil be accused of "Nuclear radiation terrorism", if it just restarts nuclear plants anyhow.

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Rick Kisa.

Thx, for the insight info. It has only been around since WWII or we all forgot Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island, Bikini Atoll, etc, etc.

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Klein or whatever his name is this year knows best as ever.

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I-131has a half life of about 8d. So after more than one year after the release, the remaining I-131 will be 1/35 trillions of the original amount. Considering that the iodine had been significantly diluted in the atmosphere and/or water before it arrived at the US west coast , it is hard to believe that they could measure "significant" amounts which might be harmful to fish. Maybe the journalist who wrote this article or myself misunderstood something, but it look very strange...

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And then those with interest will surely post: ‘’stop fear mongering. ‘’ Yeah, only small amounts found in the kelp located THOUSANDS of miles to the west of Japan. Tokyo is safe although located only 200 +/- miles to the south of the plant… Yeah, we remember. There was a north wind blowing south/southwest those first few weeks wasn’t there? Thus resulting in the contamination of green tea in Shizuoka which is located below Tokyo and slightly to the west.

The J-Gov has always posted that there is no ‘’immediate’’ health threat. ‘’Immediate,’’ is the key word people. Sad to see so many Newbies waiting around for the official podium announcement… Sure, life will continue on here. What else are they going to do, refugee the entire north? Clown show on Parade!!!!

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How can they pin point this coming from Fukushima, how about it might have come from the american tests in bikini atoll etc years ago, is there some particular fingerprint radiation has to enable them to say its from which place?

Any radiation that turns up now or in the future fukushima is going to get the blame but theres been lots of it over the previous years.

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So when do we get to hear about the radiation in the kelp found just off Japan?? For a country that loves the stuff, they might want to check. Or I guess no one will until it is too late.

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I-131has a half life of about 8d. So after more than one year after the release, the remaining I-131 will be 1/35 trillions of the original amount.

Read the article again. The measurements were done a year ago.

But marine biologists at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) discovered the radioactive isotope in ocean kelp, ...within a month of the accident.

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@Fadamor: thanks, that explains it of course.

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The ocean is wrecked. And so is the air, thanks to nuclear reactors.

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I agree with gonemad. Why is this story released now. The title is meant to scare. Even last March this would not be enough to worry about. Perhaps California should start looking at their local reactors. Now if you are talking about Ceasium that could be something important.

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