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Radioactive decontamination task force launched in Fukushima


A 20-member radioactive decontamination task force was launched in Fukushima on Wednesday. Nuclear disaster minister Goshi Hosono said that the future of Fukushima Prefecture will depend on the swift decontamination of radioactive areas.

The team will first oversee the decontamination of rice paddies and topsoil, to be followed by buildings and roads.

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Yep, how timely, after 5 months+

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In fairness, I would imagine they would have to have waited some time until it was felt that the radiation being emitted had reached a state where a clean up wouldn't have been completely pointless. And of course that the situation was deemed sufficiently stable that there won't be a sudden event that re-contaminates everything they had cleaned overnight.

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the future of Fukushima Prefecture will depend on the swift decontamination of radioactive areas.

Swift? Um, ok! If they say so.

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I can't wait for them to magically decontaminate the rice!!!!

"Safe to eat people, we magically decontaminated it."

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Well, here's hoping they have some common sense, and that they are given enough resources to make things better.

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The bucket has far too many holes!

Exactly how are 20 people going to decontaminate all this land???????????

They are going to be at it a l-o-n-g time. Or is this team going to be responsible for transporting waste out of Fukushima

Most prefectures in Japan are taking debris from the disaster areas to burn!

That is right ! If you think you are safe in Kyushu or Shikoku then think again because there is a chance that your city or area will be disposing (burning ) radioactive material in the near future. Instead of a task force we need stricter controls on burning and transport of waste.

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For more insight into the handling of this disaster and the ongoing global fears, feel free to listen to Arnie Gundersen...

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harkins: You make a fair point, but in the article they talk about 'swiftness' and what not. More likely they spent five months debating whether they should do it or not, and whom to fob responsibility off to in order to get it done.

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20 people after 5 months?

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Why don't they start with the schools, the children's playing fields, gravel play areas and their swimming pools? Just typical they start with a commodity that can be sold.

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yes, 20 people is good enough. The idea is to minimize risk by not throwing in 100+ people that end of just getting in the way, instead, a specialized trained team does the work with minimal people, it's pretty much the identical plan for other countries too. Also, 5 months is about right, they have to be sure everything is under control and stable, plus they have been researching on exactly what areas are contaminated. There are litteraly sections that are perfectly clear right next to areas that are contaminated.

Also, yes, you could technically grow crops again once the top soil is removed. It's been done in many other places around the world, even in Hiroshima where a thriving city exists and that was thousands of times worse than the actual minute amount of contamination that got out from the reactors in Fukushima.

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The team will first oversee the decontamination.

The 20 member team is there to supervise the actual work which sounds like it will be done by day workers or something.

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Isn't it interesting that none of this is appearing in our news. According to a medical doctor reporting to the Japanese Parliament, the leakage exposure is now 30 times more than the Hiroshima bomb. The core is cracking, creating heavy steam as the radiation reaches the ground water. The radiation is now beyond our capability to measure. It is over one million millorams an hour. The safe dosage reported by the Japanese government is 100 millorams annually. Protect yourselves!I suggest taking zeolites

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You may want to check out the following short video reporting the details of this situation. As just a reminder, Zeolite one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, has proven to attract radiation within its porous molecular cage, and remove it from our bodies within hours. I AM happy to provide information to anyone who wishes to learn more on this method of reducing our exposure to radiation, as well as heavy metals, chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

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They should wait until the corium mass under number one is settled. That ticker to (possible) further massive releases needs to be stopped before anything in regards to decontamination commences. Also, pool number four. We haven't seen any of the 'build to secure' that precarious situation in either photographic or video format. Please show us TEPCO, your forward march to safety needs backing up with visuals. Pool number 4 has to be shown to be at least structurally 'safe(r)'.

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Seriously sounds like 20 "selected" people to do what they want with cleanup budget and whatever cheap labor they can find... I would hazard a guess a few of these people are yakuza.

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At the same time they lift the ban on Fukushima beef.

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Each member will get a tooth brush and a pair of tweezers and get right to work. societymike, actually Fukushima has released 29.6 times more radiation than the Hiroshima bomb. See Tatsuhiko in the August 24th Japan Times. The government refuses to release any new information on total emissions of radiation. Why?

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its just like blowing up a big balloon. after the 20 peoples check news will come out, the area has radiation but still under the limit so everyone can move back- i guess. tokykawasaki has right. they begin on the wrong side. instead of checking out the safelty for the kids and the people, they check the roads. priority is differents for them.

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the swift decontamination of radioactive areas by 20 people?

Sounds like they are trying to remove Mt.Fuji.

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