Radioactive leaks top priority at Fukushima: IAEA


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I don't get it... I thought the leaks were 'under control'.

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Contaminated water remains the greatest challenge at the Fukushima nuclear plant

Um... duh. So it should be. Along with bringing in some staff who are slightly more competent than the homer simpsons they currently have working there.

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"Stable" is a relative term. If the emergency cooling there stops, we die, plain and simple.

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These leaks are about as under control as

Technology at it's finest!

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I think locating the corium and removing the fuel rods ranks right up there as a top priority.

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Hahahhah top priority really? hahaha!

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Maybe the IAEA's top priority is stopping the radioactive water leaking into the sea, but TEPCI's top priority is saving money!

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Wack a hole, there is no long term solution except run around patching everything with bubble gum and tape.

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possibly into the sea.

Possibly? Nope...wrong choice of words right there.

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wakey wakey

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Is it really necessary to make a statement that radioactive leaks are the top priority? It may sound petty to point this out but should we not assume preventing radiation contamination is the number one priority of any nuclear power plant?

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This is nothing compared to the potential radiation that could be released when they start pulling out the rods next month.

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Amano said there will be another mission to Japan later this year to advise authorities on how to handle contaminated water.

The usual IAEA sense of urgency....not.

Why can't they advise them more quickly? Advice is needed now.

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On the Pictures, everyone is blaming everyone,,,!!

Uncle Abe , you said to everything is and will be Under Control!!!

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Top priority: Instill faith that everything is under control.

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On October 14, IAEA experts began a mission to assess clean-up efforts at the crippled Fukushima plant.

good to kno the involvement of IAEA. hopefully this will bring things more into perspective and for a faster recovery of the crippled reactors.

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I think that all of Japanese is worried about this issue. This radioactive contaminated water leaks into the sea is not only problem for TEPCO. I am anxious about Japan's future.

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Read this and decide what is the main priority. Just round the corner. Even allowing for RT sensationalism, it is a sober read.

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