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Water containing strontium leaked into Pacific: TEPCO


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I am waiting for the day when we can get news articles about Fukushima nuclear plant saying:

Independent (international) observers said

rather than

TEPCO said

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>promising to prevent similar incidents.

Promise don't do much. Either way we all know lots of radioactive water was leaked into the ocean in the way beginning. I wont be swimming anywhere near there for the next couple of 500 years.

Anyone know if radioactive water around fukushima might go all the way around japan or ?

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Ok, OK, so is anybody here in Japan SURPRISED??

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Look up an ocean current map. My water down here comes from a current from down near the Philippines, which is why it is so warm. Kugenuma

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"promising to prevent similar incidents."

Meanwhile, the plant is still not under control, so how you possibly take such a promise seriously -- especially from TEPCO??

I'm with Squibert... independent monitors and panels are LONG overdue! but, Japanese corporations and all...

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next week 3 eyed fish sushi served, clients still glowing about it!

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Now, I'm no expert so I could be wrong, but if there is "a gutter that leads into the ocean" and there is even the remotest chance that radioactive water could escape down that gutter, I would have sealed it off from the early stages of this operation, unless it serves as another purpose apart from contaminating the ocean.

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So they found a pool of 45 tons of water and they "believe" that only 150 litres of that went into the sea.

I believe a lot more has gone into the sea and Tepco are lying (as usual).

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The company said, however, human health should not be affected even after eating sea food caught in the area for every day for one year.

That is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Japanese people eat fish everyday!

Tepco do not know how to run this and unfortunately the government doesn't know either as they allow this circus to proceed!

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MaboDofuIsSpicy Dec. 07, 2011 - 09:10AM JST

Look up an ocean current map.

but not so good if you live above Chiba, big circular current up there, notice how many more surfers came down to Shonan this summer... a lot more Chiba number plates in the car parks.

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Any sentence that begins with "TEPCO said" is sure to contain dangerousely high levels of BULL$HIT!

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Didn't we hear TEPCO make this 'promise' before? Why are there still no criminal proceedings against TEPCO and it's management?

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Yes, agreed with MasterBape above. Tepco need(ed) to be aware of any gutters leading to the sea.

Actually I read in the news that they found the gutter dry with low levels of radioactivity, whereas the sea beyond the pipe had higher levels. This suggests the water must have flowed under or around the gutter in some way.

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Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said it believes 150 liters of waste water including highly harmful strontium

The water leaked to the sea is believed to contain 26 billion becquerels of radioactive materials, TEPCO said.

So by doing the math, there's about 173 MILLION becquerels of radioactive materials per liter of water. If the safe level is 200 becquerels per liter, it means that the 150 liters that leaked need to be diffused with 1 million liters of water to consider the water "within safe levels". Considering that the entire ocean's capacity, these might indeed be small figures.

But during the dilution of the contaminated water, how many rivers and beaches has it passed through? How many fishes have come into contact? How can TEPCO assure that everything is safe?

I agree with NuckinFuts ... TEPCO seems to be leaking dangerously high levels of bull$hit.

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The volume of the Pacific Ocean is approximately 622 million cubic km, so it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem then, Elevesilvan.

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As I said in my previous post, Considering that the entire ocean's capacity, these might indeed be small figures. But please take into consideration that it will take some time before the radioactive materials are evenly dispered.

Also, during the diseprsion process, how many shorelines did the concentrated water pass through? How many schools of fishes have swam through the concentrated waters? How many of these fishes have and will be caught for human consumption?

Also, please do keep in mind that according to the Pacific ocean currents passing through Japan, it just goes in a circle passing through western US Hawaii, the Philippines and others. How many of these countries rely on the ocean for food and leisure?

I'm not saying that the amount leaked is enough to kill the ocean, or entire civilizations. But rather, how much of the earth's future can this "small amount" affect?

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Apology denied

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