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Radioactive water leaks inside Genkai nuclear plant


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it's probably better for japanese people to just buy italian electricty !! for safty reasons, since some japanese just proved that they can't drive Ferraris.

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Shut it down already...

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Aw god... Freeze the water already, if it starts leak!

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This is fracked up on so many levels, here we have a nuke plant with various problems, WTF does that even mean.................this country is looking pretty dangerous I bloody tell ya, no where we can hide, is it time to bail...........damn I hate thinking about this!!!

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"Genkai Mayor Hideo Kishimoto complained that Kyushu Electric has not been fully open with information."

Wow... a power company not being open... imagine that!

What I can't figure out is why the mayor needs to keep asking them to be forthcoming instead of simply demanding they shut the plant down, NOW! I guess we have to wait until the next disaster.

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I figure, you should "never change a running system" suddenly stop the reactors and restart them may f++k up some of parts, I drove my car all year long than I did not need for 3 weeks and suddenly it did not star anymore and lot's of problems.

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Japan Inc. definitely has a serious attitude problem with regards to nuclear energy. Unfortunately not even three melt-downs doesn't seem to help them to get a clue.

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Actually around the world all Nuclear power plants are dodgy. That is why in France they are trying to shut down the whole system.

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What the big earthquake this year has revealed is that Japan's whole nuclear industry is dodgy as hell.

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I would rather say that the UN and the International Nuclear Regulatory Commission should stop worrying about rag heads out in Iran and worry more about what stupid Japan is doing not only to this country but to the entire world! The Pacific Ocean is big, but it ain't that big! Let us see what the people out in Hawaii, Alaska, California etc..have to say when they start getting radiation out there too, FROM JAPAN!

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NISA seems to be sleeping on the job again.

i would rather say Nippon instead of NISA.

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Genkai Mayor Hideo Kishimoto complained that Kyushu Electric has not been fully open with information. "The local government needs to know,” Kyodo News agency quoted him as saying. “I have repeatedly demanded the utility change its ways."

Absolutely agree with the mayor. This is contemptuous behaviour by Kyushu Electric. They are filing official reports but with language that is too vague. How's this for meaningless babble:

"There have been various problems at Genkai,” Saito said. “But there is no safety problem as a result of what happened this time."

This time? But there was a previous time? And what 'various' problems were they? As the agency responsible for oversight of the industry, NISA seems to be sleeping on the job again.

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Reading enenews.com every day, among the sometimes alarmist pieces, one finds officially-reported accidents or "events" happening every week or two, all over the place. When you parse the official wording and dig around a bit, you find that there are all the usual tricks being used to conceal the fact that something happened that the general public would rightly be unhappy and concerned to hear about. Also, did you know that by design, the plants are frequently releasing radioactive particles? People have been subtly conditioned to believe that a properly-functioning nuclear reactor does not release any radioactivity into the environment. That's not true. In the U.S., the NRC requires each operating reactor to file official reports about it that you can read here (click through any reactor name and follow the link to effluent reports--if you are a skeptic, then you can imagine the gauntlet of censors, spinners, industry apologists, influence-peddlers and revolving-door folks whose desks this kind of release has to clear before it goes public...yet we still amazingly get an official report about radioactivity being released into the environment as part of normal function, let alone any accident or "event"):


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Might be a stupid question, but....

Are these kinds of leaks supposed to happen regularly? It seems another reactor/plant leaks 2-3 times a week here. Does it also happen this fequently elsewhere? Surely it can't be that every single nuclear plant operator here is this inept... can it?

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No problems, here. Move along folks.

They already conducted those stress tests, and nothing abnormal was found.

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Genkai Mayor Hideo Kishimoto complained that Kyushu Electric has not been fully open with information.

True ? Hard to imagine ?

Sacasm off.

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