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Radioactive water spills leave Fukushima fishermen floundering

By Antoni Slodkowski

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The Fukushima disaster has been a tragedy for the environment, devastating for the local fishermen, and disconcerting for seafood lovers.

One of the things I used to love most about Japan was the selection of seafood, and would enthusiastically seek out seafood from the waters of northern Japan. Since the disaster, my seafood consumption has gone way down. I now usually look for fish from Chile or the Atlantic Ocean, and avoid even seafood labeled Chiba Prefecture or Hokkaido -- too close to the nuclear plant.

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Someday Ill go catch fish in fukushima. since there are no fishermen. fish population will grow. I really dont care about radioactive thing.

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Thank you JToday to show us human tragedy which created irresponsible nuclear industry. I would like to see more mainstream media talking about people's life. @kiyoshiMukai ... You are free to do whatever you want. For Gvmnt is comfortable to have people like you, who don't educate them selfs and don't care about consequences of proven facts, and ignore it. Tepco ignored all of seismic facts, so they pay high price for it. You might pay your price too.

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You might pay your price too

He is already paying the price , 14% electricity rate increased and a few billions yen (if not trillion) of his taxes money because of negligence . In the meantime annual report of TEPCO 2011 & 2012 is showing a constant increase of their total assets.

Fishing off the Fukushima coast will be off limits for decades

Or maybe not, looking at how quickly they moved on starting the rice culture.

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Fishing off the Fukushima coast will be off limits for decades

Should read "Fishing off the Fukushima coast should be off limits for decades.

Of course, it won't be. Not when there's people within Japan to sell it to.

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Sorry people of Fukushima, we don't have either the time nor the money to take care of you... we're busy helping Africa (where, in fact, they need technology, not money...) as well as other countries we esteem more needy than you... (signed) : Japanese Government and TEPCO .

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I live in Tokyo, and one of the things I love most about Japan is the seafood. Since the disaster, I haven't changed my eating habits at all. I go to the same sushi restaurants,the same frequency, and never look at the location labels on the fish that I buy from the supermarkets. I never have done to be fair, I've always just looked at the fish itself and the price tag. It's not that I don't suspect some of the fish going out to market might be contaminated, although actually, I have no idea,It is simply that I love fish, plus with all the contradictory info out there, I wouldn't have a clue knowing how to choose what and what not to eat. In this case, it seems the most satisfying route to take is just getting on with it as usual.

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Don't warrid about censer ,it's no problem in Fukushima as UN and Abe nominciya says, Shama shame but why I say shame words towards them it's use for human nature man not man of money hhhhaaah

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Why do they have to dump it? By all the land in the 20km no go zone and store it there, if it is such low radioactivity as tepco says there should be no problem, by flushing the water Tepco thinks their problems will go away.

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Funny how many people are commenting on the variety of seafood in Japan. Much of it is imported and much of that is caught illegally. The plight of the Fukushima fishermen is only the tip of the iceberg. It also adds to the long lust of people who should be receiving compensation from TEPCO. Unfortunately, there isn't enough money in Japan to fully compensate everyone directly and indirectly effected by the TEPCO truck up. It is also evident that their cleanup plan is inadequate and not working and they just bouncing from one SNAFU to another. I still can't understand why the J-Gov is letting TEPCO procrastinate over this clean up. They are using untrained cheap labor and have achieved very little in the two years since the disaster. Why has the government not sent the JSDF in to get this mess cleaned up? Why has nobody been held accountable for the man-made disaster? And, even more importantly, why is the current J-Gov pushing to re-open existing plants and planning to build more?

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FightingViking: Sorry people of Fukushima, we don't have either the time nor the money to take care of you... we're busy helping Africa (where, in fact, they need technology, not money...) as well as other countries we esteem more needy than you... (signed) : Japanese Government and TEPCO .

Plenty of money has been given to the Tohoku region, 520 billion yen in private donations alone as of a year from the earthquake and tsunami. The problem is that much of it has not made its way to the people who need it most. It has little, if anything, to do with donations to Africa, which are rarely altruistic and are generally intended to boost a donor country's standing in the region or to facilitate in exploiting the natural resources.

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Gogogo, suggesting that people sell their land when they've been told they'll be allowed to go home on of these days would suggest that the problem is worse than both TEPCO and the government have suggested it is.... So... the folks hold onto worthless land and TEPCO pollutes the oceans. Pathetic.

I feel sorry for these guys but to suggest they were "forced" to take these jobs in wrong. They could move and start over somewhere else. Easy? Nope. Cheap? Nope. But still an option.

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Why does the government allow Tepco's denial for outside help?

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coming soon to a dinner table near you

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I respect ppl like corner of my eye,

but personally I would rather stay away from fish and dairy products from that area. I checked out the yoghurt milk origins, and fish I only buy from Sea of Japan side or foreign. (Tohoku ships are often sailed down to Chiba or Shizuoka or Shikoku, and if they land at a port in Shikoku, the package in the suupaa will say shikoku. Hence I stick to the opposite side or foreign).

It is easy to forget that this is an ongoing thing when it is not in the news for awhile, so I'm glad it is reported on...

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And tepco was asking permission to dump tons and tons more of radioactive waste water into the ocean...

I feel very sorry for the fishermen, to have lost their livelihoods, all because of the stupid, negligent, sweep-it-under-the-rug, attitude of incompetent corrupt tepco.

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utility’s plans to dump 100 tons of groundwater a day from the devastated plant into the sea

2 years later and there still isn't a containment plan. This is why I don't eat fish and other food products from Japan, who really knows the source?

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The reason why TEPCO "does not need outside help" is probably the same thing that has gone through the minds of the Olympus board after they got exposed for their practices.

Why should they need help anyway? They have the technology, the manpower, and the money to run their operations all by themselves ... oh wait ...

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