Radioactive water transferred to steel tanks at Fukushima plant


Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said Sunday that it has successfully carried out a plan at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to move radioactive water from three leaking underground tanks to steel tanks above ground.

Reports began to appear in April that the tanks has been leaking radioactive waste into the groundwater. According to the TEPCO announcement, a two-month operation was carried out to move 23,000 tons of contaminated water to above ground tanks, Fuji TV reported Monday.

A TEPCO spokesperson admitted that containment of the leaks is proving to be a continuing challenge.

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Well, that's good news. Let's hope that's one problem solved, and that we don't have a "New tanks found to be leaking" story tomorrow.

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Underground reservoirs not tanks. Basically everything at in the plant is as hoc so there'll always be some problems happening.

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To late.Too little , still got the problem What to do with this material { Radioactive cooling water } Export it instead of Nuclear Reactor technology. Send a sample of waste first so they can find a safe way to store and neutralise it.

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leaking radioactive waste

Glad to see the change of vocabulary.

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Good news.

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