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Radiology professional suspended from work for stalking 4 male doctors


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I don't know, maybe because she wasn't arrested...

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Wonder why this is not in crime section.

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Ah, the lesser-spotted female stalker, twice the crazy of the male version, but usually less of a direct physical threat...

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Wow. Three months. Japan is sure taking stalking seriously now.

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It was just some light stalking. (Deadpool)

"after she ambushed the male doctors in their 20s and 40s on campus"

What kind of an ambush are we talking about? Out of the blue messages, BS crazy messages, involve a long trench coat, boiling rabbit.... Need more details, my imagination is going crazy.

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f this was a man people would be calling this person a sleaze, a creep, crazy, a stalker but notice how nobody calls her a creep, or sleaze probably because of a Gender bias. Somehow, women get a pass, but god help you if you're a man. Sadly it is the same with domestic violence towards men from women.

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A nice change from the constant barrage of man bashing we get day in day out

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I can understand being in love with one workmate, but 4? She seems like a gold digger.

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It happens with both sexes. And she was stalking men younger than herself too. In America this type of activity would get you canned.

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How to get her contact details?

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Wow, stalking 4 other doctors? The lunchroom must have been uncomfortable to say the least

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The woman was quoted as telling the university that she had no intention to stalk the doctors.

Problem with stalkers is that many don't even realize the creeps that they can be. She 44, she is hearing her "body-clock" ticking, works at a hospital, sees a young doc, with money........

Yeah, I believe it.

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Wow give her a 3-month paid vacation, that will stop her, just like the elementary school principal who grabbed one of his teachers.

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