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Rain continues to lash parts of Japan; 2 people missing


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Here in central Japan in the afternoon were literally dropping balls of rain.

The climate change is a big concern in these times.

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I am so bloody sick of this damn rain.

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I feel bad for the people who have been negatively affected and hope they find the missing alive, but I’m personally enjoying this rain. It’s been so nice being able to keep the AC off and the windows open! In my 12+ years in Tokyo, I can’t remember it ever being this cool in August.

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The rain this year has gone crazy. I hate the rain.

Open the windows, and the rain blows in Close the windows and it’s muggy as h3ll.

The washing doesn’t dry.

The dogs go stir-crazy from lack of walks/exercise. They bring in mountains of mud from the garden.

Almost-ripe tomatoes in the allotment split and rot. Other veggies drown.

And of course that’s nothing compared to what folk in other parts of the country are facing: flooding, landslides, loss of homes, even loss of life.

Some rain is necessary of course, but there are very definitely limits.

I hate the rain.

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That's one part to live in the countryside.

Don't blame the rain, blame the infrastructure.

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Don't blame the rain, blame the infrastructure.

T’ain’t the infrastructure that rots the tomatoes and gets the dogs wet, it’s the neverending rain.

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Well, I mean, one shouldn't grow veggies during rainy season. Farmer's tip.

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Well, I mean, one shouldn't grow veggies during rainy season. Farmer's tip.

Its not the rainy season though, that ended weeks ago. This is some sort of weird second rainy season that doesn’t normally happen.

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Well, I mean, one shouldn't grow veggies during rainy season. Farmer's tip.

You must know some rubbish farmers.

For a start the rainy season is supposed to have ended mid-July, and that was weird as well: bouts of stupendously torrential rain instead of the usual interminable drizzle.

Summer veggies get planted round about Golden Week, early May, before the rainy season gets under way so that the plants are well established before the rains start. If you wait until after the rainy season is over your fragile seedlings have to deal with the heat of summer before they’ve had time to put down roots. Result, shriveled plants and no fruits.

Round this time of year the veggies should be basking in the summer heat, soaking up the sun and gobbling up the fertilizer.

I hate the rain.

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cleo Nothing rubbish at all, farmer needs to count in weather irregularity also, which is clearly the case here.

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I only want to see the sunny day, living in Kyushu everybody on that mood.

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Iron Lad: "Well, I mean, one shouldn't grow veggies during rainy season. Farmer's tip."

As cleo said, rubbish farmers. This is not the rainy season, nor was the torrential rain BEFORE the rainy season the rainy season.

"farmer needs to count in weather irregularity also"

So, you admit it is not the rainy season. That's a start. And yes, they need to try and take into account irregularities, but that's not possible with frequent flooding and storms, like we are having this year. People who think this is the rainy season are fools.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

smithinjapan Meh, you win. But it doesn't matter, everyone needs to get used to the fact that weather can have irregularity. Hating it solves nothing.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

Too much here not enough there, has mother nature gone mad?

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Bad luck for gardeners but good for the electric bill.

Next up: ants. All this rain will force them out of their ant hills and into the house. Will use coffee grounds to confuse them

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