Rain disaster in western Japan tops domestic news stories of 2018


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(1) Deadly rain disaster in western Japan, typhoons, heat

Methinks this top domestic news story will be a recurring theme.

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I'm beginning to think that the age and quality of the housing in Japan is more of a disaster than anything the weather brings.

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i guess the vet school and far right school news is not important.

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(10) Sports world jolted by series of harassment scandals. Seriously? This story is already over, and was always going to have limited impact. How about the first Imperial abdication for 200 years? How about gender discrimination in medical school admissions and in the workplace? How about the increase in the murder rate?

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i guess the vet school and far right school news is not important.

Guess you didn't read past the headline

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Read through the list and was wondering about the rigged medical school admission process scandal, the one where females were discriminated against.

Wondering why that didn't make the list.

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