Rainy season begins in western, central and eastern Japan


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Rainy season - Japan's ignored fifth season.

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2 years ago I was in Japan during the whole rainy season. When I came back home in Canada I got a real rainy season.. Everyday raining few times a day and at least once a day a flood. It was like that until September. I like the rainy season in Japan not too hot and you can still go outside despite some rain.

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I Britain the rainy season starts regularly on first January and ends equally regularly on 31 st December! :)

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yah! don't have to water the plants!

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I don't believe Tohoku has a rainy season at this time of year: September is the wettest month in Sendai, not June/July. The cut-off line must lie somewhere between Tokyo and here.

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As is always the case every year in this season, I didn't know until after I read this article that rainy season has already started in most of Japan. And chances are high that I also won't notice when the rainy season is officially over. :‑)

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Best season for Kyoto - especially if you like wistful rainy season colours.

Talked about seeing hotaru (fireflies) in this season yesterday - made a mistake and talked about hotate (like clam shellfish) flying around above a mountain stream. Laughter, which did not carry so well to the Anglophones until 30 seconds to one minute later, depending on how much translation they needed.

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