Rainy season starts in Tokai, Kanto-Koshin regions


The Japan Meteorological Agency announced Monday that the rainy season has started in the Tokai and Kanto-Koshin regions of Japan.

The agency said the rainy season had begun this year about three days later than usual, Fuji TV reported.

The rainy season is expected to last until early July. After that, the agency predicted summer temperatures will be about average for July, August and September throughout the archipelago.

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Japan's fifth season.

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Not sure if it's only me, but its unusually cold here in Kansai this year for June. But I can't complain, it beats humidity.

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Did they not notice the rain last Friday?

2 ( +3 / -1 )

@frederic - that was unofficial it is official rain.

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I'm loving this unusually cool early June weather!! Not looking forward to the feeling of being wet all day. Our office A/C can't be set any lower than 26C.

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Thanks for clearing that up Wanderlust. I'm relieved....

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I don't know - I just don't think it's accurate to call it rainy "season"... it rains during all the seasons in Japan and from my experience living in SE Asia, comparing to the monsoons, Japan's rainy "season" is hardly anything. During monsoons it rains days and days with no let up. Here it isn't continuous. Plus the TV reports go overboard reporting how everyone is so uncomfortable in the humidity... and so on. Japan is blessed with lots of rain all throughout the year. And by the way, Wanderlust, thanks for telling us about the "official"rains.

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I'm going for an early end to the rainy season this year. Officially done by July 10th. Called it!

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Every year around this time, I find myself in the rainy season, yes, before I knew it. Incidentally, I hear the rainy season is indispensable to rice planting in Japan.

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