Rebuilding hampered by manpower shortage in Kumamoto 1 month after heavy rain


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Surely a few 1,000 Self Defense Force members out of the multitude could be spared.

Right Away.

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Most of the Japan SDF does rescue missions. But reconstruction work required skills. Usually Japan send workers from other prefecture to help but it became more difficult in recent times. Soldiers are not much help and mostly get in the way. They need people with skills to operate the machines and rebuilding buildings.

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I don't buy this "hampered by a manpower shortage" excuse when I know of readily available foreign workers ages 24-35 able bodied, available anywhere in Japan, cleared legal VISA card holders but no one wants to hire them because they are not Asian looking enough. About half speak very well Japanese, can read, write as any local citizen and yet find it hard to find a temp or much less permanent job. They have never been in any trouble with the laws in Japan just the same old fashioned on going anti racial profiling. Some have even been told they are not Asian enough though married and doing their best to support their Asian spouses with kids that the original dead beat Dad left them. Just to make sure I had someone call per the above laughable comment ""We will promote the reconstruction with the help of many people," Kuma Mayor Koichi Matsutani told the official" and all was going well until the foreign and not Asian background came to play. So as far as I am concerned you reap what you sow. "Asian enough" give me break, this is most embarrassing always finding an excuse. Before I end this, when the law about discrimination was brought up they response was well aside from that we prefer the help lives in this area. Hah...

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JSDF has the skills they should be on the ground if they as an organisation can't manage to be useful at times like these then God help Japan when the shooting starts.

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Don't they have insurance ?

Hard times during pandemy.

Keep the mask on.

Wish them strong recovery.

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And then you watch on the news, people saying they might bring the virus with them,so don't come.You can't have it both ways.There's risk in life which many people seem to have forgotten thru their fear of Covid-19.

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because it only solicits volunteers locally for fear of importing the virus.

Major disasters always require outside help from skilled workers. For example, I know electricians in the continental US that got contracted to travel to Puerto Rico and work there for months after the hurricane there. Without being able to do things like that, disaster recovery is very slow. You must have a very warped perspective if you think there's just mountains of unemployed skilled foreign looking workers in Kumamoto waiting to be employed. But please continue using the misery of those affected by the disaster to whine about racism while exhibiting outright bias against the native population.

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